5 WooCommerce Plugins to Help you Create a Loyalty Program [With Examples]

A loyalty program helps you build a relationship with your customers. It also incentivizes shopping at your online store instead of somewhere else – by shopping more frequently with you, your customers reap numerous rewards. And having people come back again and again to shop is very valuable because this is the customers you don’t pay to visit your store.

You can use plugins to help create a robust loyalty program for your WooCommerce store. If this is something you are interested in, consider making use of these five plugins.

Loyalty Points and Rewards Plugin for Woocommerce

The satisfaction of the customer is essential to boost the reputation of your store. Acknowledge your customers for their loyalty and offer your gratitude by rewarding them with points using WooCommerce loyalty and rewards plugin. This will help you to nurture your engagement with your customers and they will build trust and foster loyalty towards your store.

Launcher widget is the brand new feature of this plugin that allows you to promote the discounts in your store on a chat pop up like widget. This customizable widget will help you to convert your store’s visitors into customers by displaying the rewards they can earn when they signing up.

Loyalty and rewards plugin for WooCommerce comes with an in-built referral program. Offer exclusive incentives to your customers when they refer your store to their friends and family. The referral program is a great way to earn your existing customer’s loyalty while acquiring new leads through them.

– Display discounts by using the launcher widget.
– Rewards for signing up can be promoted with the launcher widget.
– Current discounts can be viewed in the launcher widget.
– Customization is very simple it requires no coding knowledge.
– Offer rewards for writing product reviews.
– Reward points when a customer refers their friends.
– Offer exclusive rewards when customers sign up or complete a purchase.
– You can set expiry dates for points.
– Rename rewarded points with custom names.
– Award points inclusive/exclusive of taxes.
– Check details of every customer signed in to your store.
– Activity for a particular timeline can be viewed.
– Points can be rounded to the nearest integer.
– Customize your notifications.
– You can view recent activities on the dashboard.
– Get notified when a shopper adds products to their cart.
– Notification message when shoppers check out.
– Customized referral URL for each customer.

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WPLoyalty – WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin

WPLoyalty is one of the must-have WooCommerce points and rewards plugins for your eCommerce store. The plugin helps you to retain customers and improve customer loyalty easily. You can now reward customers with loyalty points for every purchase they make at your store. Also, you can reward customers based on their spending, birthdays, signing up for your store, achievements, following you on social media, and much more. 

One nice feature WPLoyalty has is you can now implement referral programs and start acquiring new customers effortlessly. Also, you can reward both existing customers and new ones. You can create levels for your VIP customers and make them feel valued. You can reward customers based on various conditional rules and customize your reward system.


  • Track customers’ actions using a dashboard.
  • Generate a unique referral URL for each customer.
  • Set point expiry date for customer’s earned points.
  • Reward customers with fixed or percentage discounts.
  • Reward customers with free products or free shipping.
  • Reward customers for daily sign up
  • Reward customers for moving from one level to another
  • Set minimum and maximum order amounts required to earn points.
  • Customers can discover your loyalty program via the launcher widget.
  • Customers can earn and redeem points in their local currency using the Multi-Currency Add-on.

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WooCommerce Points and Rewards

WooCommerce Points and Rewards offers you an easy way with which you can provide customers with points on each purchase. Customers can then save these points to gain anything from a discount on a future order to a totally free product, depending on what you want the incentive to be. This plugin allows you to define how customers earn their points, including selecting certain items to give more points or fewer points as you deem appropriate. It saves the points earned with a customer’s profile, which encourages them to sign up with your store so they can earn potential discounts in the future. This plugin also features support for multiple sites, making it a good partner for the MultiStore plugin.

Customer Specific Pricing

One area that most online sales platforms struggle with is providing a discount on a product to some customers but not to others. The Customer Specific Pricing plugin allows you to handle this problem by creating different group plans that provide discounts on certain products. You can use this to create customer tiers such as gold, silver, and platinum that loyal customers can earn their way into. The overall pricing for this plugin is very inexpensive, and you can even purchase a lifetime license. However, the plugin does not provide the framework for a points system so customers can earn their way into the tiers. You should use another plugin to create the inventive system, then use Customer Specific Pricing for the reward levels.

WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card

If you want your customer incentives to take the form of a gift card, WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card allows you to create a number of different rewards that match a variety of needs. This tool does not include a points system, but does still allow you to create easy to use gifts that can serve as thank you credits to customers who shop at your store regularly. Gift cards are delivered right through email and come with code that can be entered into your store upon checkout. This program can encourage customers to fill in their profiles, as you can provide additional rewards on birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Account Funds

Account funds exists as a way for customers to invest money into your store that goes toward future purchases. This plugin creates a fund on your store that is linked with a customer’s profile. The customer can put as much money into the account as desired, and then can use those funds to pay for future orders instead of putting a purchase in their credit card. You can incentivize the use of account funds even further by offering a discount at checkout. This plugin does not capture customers who would normally prefer using a guest checkout rather than making an account, but it can create a deeper loyalty among regular customers.

Another nice thing using a plugin like this is that if your customer deposit money to you, you will get the bank interest that the money the deposit.


Most of the plugins presented here focus on doing one thing well in order to create more customer loyalty. Beans is perhaps the most flexible of these tools, providing more than 20 different incentive programs that you can tailor to your customers. This includes discounts and points that customers can earn for repeat purchases. You can use this plugin to set up rules to determine when your customers generate rewards. The tool also provides a notification feature that allows you to send special messages regarding time based discounts or simply to remind your customers that they have credit they can spend in your store. The level of customization available with Beans does sometimes create some glitches in certain online stores, especially during WordPress system upgrades. However, the customer service available is committed to helping you resolve any of these issues.

When determining how you want to create more customer loyalty, the first thing you need to determine is what sort of rewards you want to give out. And use some time to consider what kind of loyalty program you want to use, because you will be stuck with it for years 🙂 Do you want to offer coupons, special promotions to repeat customers, or a points system that people can take advantage of over time? Once you have your loyalty program fully envisioned, you can use one or more of the tools mentioned here to turn that vision into a reality.