WooCommerce Multistore

$ 199

The license never expire, you never need to renew the license to get updates.

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Product Description

These are the plugin main features:

  • Any Product can be replicated across network, making it available to any other store, replication can be done in bulk
  • Unique Product Stock management for an easy inventory evaluation
  • Product management available at the main product, or possible to update / adjust for any othe places, you chose if the replicated product should be updated when updating the main product
  • Network Dashboard WooCommerce Orders panel with all domains store orders
  • Network Dashboard WooCommerce Products panel with all domains store products
  • All product meta data available for other blogs, including content images, product galleries and featured thumbnail.
  • Any product type as Simple, Grouped, External or Variation
  • Chose if order numbers for all stores should be sequential
  • Export orders to CSV or XLS files

Note to buyers 1:
As this is a digital product there are no returns or refunds after successful payment and download. Before buying it the buyer bears responsibility to learn about all the features of this plugin. Any feature can be mentioned in the documentation or confirmed by us in pre sales emails.

Note to buyers 2:
Its optional to open an account here at woomultistore.com when buying the plugin. But we encourage you to open an account at the checkout because then you easily can login and manage your keys, for example if you move the key from a developement/test site to a production site.