WooMultistore Upgrade from Single License to Developer License

$ 100


You can upgrade your single network license to a developer licenses with 5 networks. The cost for this upgrade is just $100. Once the upgrade is complete, the new licenses will be manually added to your account.

What is the difference between a Single License and a Developer License?
  • The single license covers one entire network of stores that are synchronized, regardless of how many stores and domains you use.
  • The developer license covers up to five different synchronized networks of stores, regardless of how many stores and domains you use in each network.
Why should I upgrade the License?

A good reason for getting the Developer License is that you can easily have a fully working developer network environment where you test new plugins, designs, or other elements. To avoid downtime you should always test new things in a test environment before deploying them to your live store.

When should I upgrade to a Developer License?

Most users only need the single license to cover all their stores and domains. The following are examples of situations where you should purchase the Developer License:

  • You run several networks.
  • You have a test network, as well as your production network.
  • You are a developer that has several customers, all of whom have their own network of stores.