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The Woocommerce multistore plugin are used to to manage often used features at unlimited woocommerce stores from one single WordPress Multisite admin.

About the Woocommerce multistore plugin:

Publish and manage products
The plugin facilitate an easy way to manage and publish products across a WordPress MultiSite environment with multiple web shops at different sub domains, sub directories or at different domains. There is a main product manage panel where you can manage all products for all the stores. Still, at each store you can manage the store specific products. Any product in any store can also be put on sale on other stores while keeping the maintenance only for the main product.

Manage stock
The stock management is provided automatically, you have the option to synchronize the stock quantity of the same products across all your stores. Or if you need the stores to have different stock quantity thats of course also possible.

Manage orders
Order management are made simple by providing one main order panel displaying orders from all the shops. Else the order management panel is just the same as a normal single Wocommerce install, using the same layout and functions.
Orders can be exported to CSV or XLS files, choose to export all orders or only orders from single shops.


These are few of plugin main features:

  • Any Product can be replicated across network, making it available to any other store
  • A product can have different product description and price for each store.
  • Each store can use different language, currency, payment options and all other options that are included in a standard stand alone WooCommerce store.
  • Unique Product Stock management for an easy inventory evaluation. The stock synchronization option allows you to synchronize the stock values of the same products across all the stores in the network.
  • Product management available at the main product, or possible to update / adjust for any other places
  • One main WooCommerce orders panel with all domains store orders
  • All product meta data available for other blogs, including content images, product galleries and featured thumbnail.
  • Any product type as Simple, Grouped, External or Variation
  • Export Orders to CSV or XLS files. Export all orders or orders only from single shops.

From one single WordPress admin panel you can manage as many Woocommerce stores that you want, there are no limits.

You can read the plugin documentation here

Suggestion for new features are very much welcomed at orders@woomultistore.com.



Some customers have this to say about our plugin. We thank them for taking the time to write a testimonial for us.

We have several niche online tile stores. It was a pain to manage orders from several websites and time consuming to duplicate products which are shared between the different websites. Although the tiles are not managed in stock, they are directly ordered at the factory, our sample tiles are managed in stock. Your plug-in makes it possible to share the sample tiles between the different websites.

Matthijs de Leeuw


It works well, also the remove and draft function work very good. Gardner

Awesome support! Appreciate your time and will to help. Benedicte

Love the plugin, worth the money! Daniel

I am testing the plugin on our woocommerce multisite environment and I have been very pleased so far. Erik

I have tested the plugin and it works very good, big compliments from the Netherlands! Mike

Hi, I really like your plugin…