Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can every store work and appear as a standalone store?

Yes, For the customer every store always appears like a standalone store. You can also make shop owners for each store that only has access to his/hers store administration.

Can the plugin be used for old products or only newly created?

You can use the plugin in your old store. It can be used for both old and new products.

Can my stores use different themes?

Yes, they can use different themes, You can also use the same theme with different settings for your stores.

Is it possible to use the WooCommerce API for every Multistore Shop?

Yes, you can use every shops API just the way you are used to from any WooCommerce shop.

Can I integrate Google Analytics and view store spesific Analytics statistics?

Yes, you can input store spesific Analytics tracking code for each store, in Analytics you will then see the statistics for every store just as you would for any other stand alone site.

How do I update the multisite plugin?

Just like any other plugin, at the WordPress update page.

How often do you update the plugin?

Normally 1-4 times a month. You can see the change log here: There can be longer periods of no updates if its not needed.

Will you always continue updating the plugin?

This plugin is important to both us and users of the plugin. We will continue to update it and develop it with new features in the future.

What kind of server do I need to use the plugin?

You can use any kind of server that you normally would use for WordPress. Web hotels with shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server, all works fine. Many web hotels oversell their servers, make sure your host dont do that.

Can you recommend a web hosting?

To keep our integrity we do not recommend any specific web hosting. We would advice you to keep away from the cheapest hosts as they tend to oversell their servers.

Are there any web hosting services I should avoid? uses some non-standard database collation that is good to avoid.

Can users log in at all my stores with the same credentials?


Can each store in the network manage their own orders?

Yes, each store have a standard order interface just like a single WooCommerce store. Each store can be handled by a shop manager that has access to that shop only.

Can I use any payment gateways for any store?

Yes, any payment gateway plugin works. And any store in the network can use different, or the same payment gateways. Also any store can get customer payments send to different payment gateway accounts at Stripe, PayPal, or any other.

I used the license key at a development site/domain, how do I move it to the production site?

That’s simple. Log in to your account and deactivate the registered domain, then use the license key at the new site. If you of any reason cannot log in to your account contact us and we will deactivate the domain for you.

Why should I buy a developer license?

A good reason for getting the developer license is that you easily can have a fully working test/dev network environment where you test new plugins, design or other things. To avoid down time you should always test new things at a test environment before deploying them to your live store.

Also if you have many store networks you can of course use one license at each of them.