Import orders from all your WooCommerce stores into one WooCommerce store in real time – documentation

Import orders from many WooCommerce stores to one store on the fly.

The order import option allows to automatically and in real time import orders to a main WooCommerce site. The orders are imported from all connected WooCommerce sites at once the orders are created. The imported orders will appear as ordinary orders of the main site.

The order page of the main site:

orders imported to a single order page from several woocommerce sites

This makes it possible to connect 3. party software like accounting, shipping fulfillment, etc. to the main site and collect all the order data from the main site. Users can gain huge savings by connecting the software to only one WooCommerce site instead of paying for each site when connecting the software to several sites.


Activating Order import will automatically import all the orders placed or created on the connected sites on the main site.

Order status changes can be done on the imported order, and that status change will be synced back to the original order.
Other modifications or updates to the imported order will also be synced back to the original order.

All changes on the original order will also be automatically updated on the imported order.
This includes order status, products, customer info, shipping, coupons, taxes, payment, refunds, refunds, deletion ++

The imported order will contain customer info, refunds, products, taxes, shipping, coupons, and payment.

The WooCommerce orders page will contain a new column that displays on which site the order is imported from.

Customers will be cloned to the main site only if they exist on the child site and they will be renamed to include the child site name. Guests users will not be cloned.

Refunds and Refunds deletion will be updated on the main site imported order.

Products that are not synced on child sites will be cloned on the main site, marked as private, and hidden from shop pages including admin pages.


Taxes from child sites are cloned under a new tax class called “child tax” and renamed to include the child site name and child site tax id.

Coupons also are cloned on the main site and will be renamed to include the child site name.

Shipping and Payment
Shipping and Payment will not be cloned on the main site but the order will contain the payment and shipping data.

If the imported order has a different currency (e.g. EUR) than the main site (e.g. USD) the imported order will keep its original currency (EUR) also after import.

Old orders

If you want to import old orders to your main site you need to navigate to the old order in the child site, then click the Update button. This will import the old order to your main site.

Important note

When using WooMultistore you will get an additional page where all orders from all sites can be viewed and accessed. The order import explained above has nothing to do with that special page, as that page only displays orders.


Activating the option on multisite will require you to select the main site to where the orders should be imported.

woocommerce auto order-import-export-from-other-stores-woomultistore-multisite