How to – Thank You Note for Repeat Customers

The Power of the Thank You Note for Repeat Customers

To successfully run an ecommerce-based business, you need to think primarily about two different groups of people. The first group is your new customers, or the ones who haven’t yet purchased anything from you. The other one, and arguably the most important, is your loyal customers. These are the people who buy from you regularly, and they deserve recognition. A thank you note is a great way to reach out, say thanks, and increase your odds of future sales.

First Things First – How to Say Thanks

If you think you’re going to get very far by typing up an email that says “thanks for your purchase” or by sending out some automated response, you’re not exactly on the right track. When it comes to a good, powerful thank you note, you need to put in a little more effort. Go down to your local stationery store and pick up some cute, but relatively neutral thank you notes. Then, write personal messages to your repeat customers, sign them, stamp them, and put them in the mail.

It may seem like a little much, but think about it for a second: how often do you actually receive a hand-written thank you note in the mail? If you went home today and found one in your mailbox, how would it make you feel? Now, translate that feeling to your visitors, and imagine that your business is the one responsible for that feeling. That’s exactly what you want, and it’s easy enough to achieve. You can even include a coupon for their next order.

A True Return on Your Investment

Some business owners think that showing gratitude in an effort to garner more business just seems vile, but that’s not the case at all. It shouldn’t feel that way because you are, in fact, running a business, and without that customer buying something from you, you would no longer have a business to run. There is nothing at all wrong with going out of your way to thank your patrons for your livelihood, and the return on the investment of your time and money is one that you have earned – not one that you have coerced with the promise of future thank you notes.

With that said, remember that the very principle of reciprocity motivates people. Simply put, that means that people, by their very nature, do not want to be in debt to anyone else. We are genetically wired to give something back when we receive something, and especially if we feel that whatever we receive is a blessing somehow. When you send a heartfelt thank you note to a customer, and when you actually put some effort into buying (or better yet – making) a beautiful thank you card, writing a message in your very own handwriting, applying a stamp, and dropping it in the mail, they feel compelled to do something for you. Hopefully, that something is repeat business and positive word-of-mouth advertising.

How to Create the Perfect Thank You Card

So now that you’re on board with the idea of sending your repeat customers thank you cards, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind in order to make it the best card possible.

Include your company logo. Although it’s personal thanks, it’s also a branding opportunity. If you can print your own cards at a printing shop and include your logo, that’s even better.

Don’t promote too much. You’re saying thank you, after all – not begging for repeat business or trying to push more products on someone.

Don’t wait too long. Be sure you get the card in the mail soon after the buyer’s order ships. Otherwise, by the time they get it, they may have forgotten who you are.

Don’t worry about your handwriting. Seriously, as long as people can read it, that’s all that matters. In fact, people will be so touched that you actually took the time to write something that they won’t care if it looks like chicken scratch.

Use blue or black ink, but never red. Blue and black ink are viewed as “professional” and thanking someone in red ink may come across as condescending. Depending on your business, you might even be able to get away with specialty colors like purple or green, but again – don’t use red, and skip orange wherever possible for the same reason.

Include a gift if you’d like. Stickers, access to free eBooks, or even t-shirts are all great ways to say thanks. They aren’t necessary, but they can enhance the value of your thank you note.

There is nothing quite as powerful as a hand-written thank you note in today’s day and age when it comes to saying thanks to a customer. In fact, for that customer, the power is even stronger because there’s a very good chance they weren’t expecting to hear from you at all. Take advantage of the opportunity, follow the tips above, and watch as your business truly starts to take off.