The Top WooCommerce Plugins for Events

Running an online business is difficult with all the competition, and sometimes getting traffic and views seems impossible. Hosting events is a great way to draw attention to your business, and there are a few great WooCommerce extensions out there that can help you get more out of them, too. Of course your whole business model might be based around events as well, in which case you’ll find the following top contenders worth a definitely look.

Event Tickets Manager for WooCommerce Pro

Event Tickets Manager for WooCommerce Pro is a plugin designed to integrate with WooCommerce, which is a popular eCommerce platform for WordPress. This plugin allows website administrators to create, manage, and sell tickets for events directly through their WooCommerce store.

Using the plugin, administrators can set up event pages, assign seat numbers, track ticket sales, and more. It also allows them to set different pricing tiers, offer discounts, and implement other promotional strategies to help boost ticket sales. Moreover, customers can buy tickets directly from the website, which can then be emailed to them as QR codes or other types of digital tickets that can be scanned at the event entrance.

By integrating the event ticket management system directly into WooCommerce, it helps streamline the process of selling tickets and managing events. It can also help to create a more seamless and professional experience for customers, as they can purchase tickets at the same time as other products, and can take advantage of any other features or integrations that WooCommerce offers.

WooCommerce Calendar & Event Tickets Plugin

This particular community-developed plugin gives you the ability to create WooCommerce events and sell products for those events, such as tickets and passes. It also adds a unique page to your site that shows what’s happening. This way, as people visit your shop, they can learn about your events and shop for the products associated with them. For example, if you will be hosting a paid webinar, you can create a page to advertise that webinar and sell tickets. Even better, if your webinar will focus on a product or a group of products you sell, you can link to those, as well.

The key features of the WooCommerce Calendar & Event Tickets Plugin include:

A dedicated page just for your upcoming events;

The ability to sell tickets to these events;

Integration with Google Calendar;

The ability to upload a featured image, a title, and a short description for each event;

A map that shows the exact location of the event if it will not take place online;

The ability to specify a specific timespan for each individual event; and

A social share button that allows your visitors to share your event with others via their social media accounts.

WooCommerce Calendar & Event Tickets costs $39.99, and it is a one-time purchase.


FooEvents is another plugin for creating and managing WooCommerce events. It comes in three different bundles to make certain you get the features you need at the price you can afford. It comes with various features that take things a bit further than many similar plugins for WooCommerce events, as well. The best part is that you can take advantage of a seven-day money-back guarantee if this extension does not work for you.

Some of the features included with the FooEvents Starter Bundle ($99) include:

The FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin, which provides a dashboard for creating and managing your events and related products.

The FooEvents PDF Tickets plugin, which is a fun addition that allows you to create PDF tickets your visitors can print at home.

The ability to manage your attendees and check-ins with the FooEvents Express Check-In plugin.

Taking things one step further, you can upgrade to the Pro bundle ($129) which gives you access to everything in the Starter Bundle, but also provides the Multi-Day, Calendar, and Custom Attendee Fields features. Upgrading to FooEvents Full House Bundle ($159) gives you access to every event-related feature offered in the FooEvents suite.

WooEvents Pro

WooEvents Pro is a WooCommerce event calendar, ticketing system, and attendance management system all rolled into one. It boasts a variety of features designed to make hosting and managing events a snap, and it allows you to give your attendees options that many other WooCommerce events plugins will not. The Calendar and Ticketing plugin is required, as is WooCommerce version 2.x or later. The best part about WooEvents is that it works well with very small events or full-blown conferences designed for thousands. Features include:

Direct WooCommerce integration without workarounds;

Fully configurable event tickets products that also support attributes, stock levels, sale scheduling, file attachments, and more;

The ability to sell simple or variable products to sell more tickets to more people;

Access to more than 100 different payment gateways for ticket purchases;

The ability to create recurring events on any schedule you choose;

Google Maps and Google Calendar integration;

Access to a mini-calendar widget;

Microdata support to help boost your event SEO and get more traffic to your site;

The ability to set up limited per-buyer quantities to reduce the risk of scalping;

The ability to sell specific seating via ticket variations;

Access to printable tickets so buyers can have their tickets in hand immediately after they purchase;

The ability to provide discount codes and schedule sales; and

The ability to generate detailed reports based on past events, attendance, sales, and more.

WooEvents Pro starts at just $99 for a single site, but the developer also provides a license good for up to 25 sites for just $399. Support via phone and email is available for everyone who purchases the plugin.

Whether you plan to host a local event, a webinar, or even an online concert, WooCommerce events are perfect for generating interest in anything you have to offer. All three of the WooCommerce extensions shown here are extremely helpful for creating and managing your events.