11 Must-Have WooCommerce Extensions for Business Owners

Running a business is no easy feat, especially when you must constantly check and update your virtual store. Fortunately, WooCommerce makes this much easier, and that is especially true when you have the 11 must-have WooCommerce extensions on this page. These are hand-selected by some of the world’s top WooCommerce sellers, and they will help you get a leg up on the competition.

Jilt for WooCommerce

Abandoned carts can be frustrating, and they can lead to quite a bit of lost revenue. Unfortunately, unless you have WooCommerce extensions dedicated to addressing this issue, there isn’t much you can do. Jilt is just such an extension, and it will automatically email these customers to remind them to finish their purchases. All you have to do is create a Jilt account and download the extension to get started.

WooCommerce AvaTax

Taxes are complicated enough for individuals, and they’re frighteningly complicated for business owners. AvaTax by Avalara seeks to simplify the processes of tax assessing and reporting, and the best part is that you can integrate it right into your store with the AvaTax WooCommerce extension. It will automatically calculate taxes at checkout, manage refund tax adjustments, and even set tax exemptions. The best part? It’s easy and it’s free.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager

Order statuses are very important to your business, particularly when you have email triggers set based on them. With order status management WooCommerce extensions like this one, it’s never been simpler. You can add new order statuses and create associated icons, assign action buttons to different statuses, and even edit parts of the statuses to create an order flow that is unique to your company.

WooCommerce New Customer Report

Of all the WooCommerce extensions that will help you determine how well your store is performing, this one is probably one of the most important. The New Customer Report extension allows you to see how many first-time customers purchased something from your store in relation to the number of returning customers for any given timeframe. Understanding how many first-time buyers you have – and how many people buy from you a second time – can help you make vital marketing decisions in the future.

WooCommerce Shipping Estimates

When your customers buy something from you, they want to know how long it will take to receive the item. There are several WooCommerce extensions that can do this, but Shipping Estimates is one of the simplest. It adds the estimated delivery time for any given item to the cart and checkout pages, and it changes based on the shipping method your customer chooses.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

If you’ve built a solid website and you’re utilizing content marketing tactics to drive traffic, then the this is one of the WooCommerce extensions you absolutely have to have. With it, you can connect your Google Analytics account directly to your store to get incredibly helpful insights on your customer’s behavior. Did your customer open an email you sent? How many times did a customer sign in and out of his or her account? How many orders has a specific customer placed with your store? These things can affect your future marketing, and it is great information to have.

WooCommerce Memberships

Subscription- or membership-based sales is a lucrative market, especially if you’re selling software as a service, renting a product, or even offering a monthly subscription box. WooCommerce extensions can help you manage these memberships more accurately, too. As an example, let’s say you sell both digital and physical products. Your members can access your digital products right away, but they get discounts on the physical ones simply because they are members. The Memberships extension can allow you to set these parameters, and it can even help you restrict access to portions of your site by non-members.

WooCommerce Display Order Count

There are WooCommerce extensions for practically everything, and Display Order Count is one of the simplest. Its sole purpose is to tell you how many orders are associated with your store by status. You can view orders that have completed, orders that have shipped, orders that have yet to ship, and orders with refunds associated with them.

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

Product reviews are some of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal. With the Product Reviews Pro extension, you can give your product reviews a significant boost. This adds the ability to filter and sort reviews based on user-set parameters, comment on others’ reviews, add photos and videos to reviews, and even check out customer feedback qualifiers in one place.

WooCommerce USA ePay

USA ePay is quickly becoming one of the country’s most-loved payment processors. USA ePay allows you to accept major credit cards and debit cards with the Visa or Mastercard logos, and it allows customers to stay on your site while they complete their purchases. This can significantly lower lost revenue due to abandoned carts.

WooCommerce Memberships Sensei Member Area

Lessons and courses are growing in popularity, so if you’re teaching someone how to cook, play guitar, or even speak Spanish, Sensei is a great choice. This extension simply separates Sensei lessons and courses into their own section rather than under the “My Content” listing in the member’s area. You can separate course by plan, and people who are members of each plan will see separate lists built just for them.

Running an Internet-based business is the way of the future, but it’s not always easy to manage, merge, and integrate information. When you have many things to keep track of, these WooCommerce extensions can help. You can make product reviews more engaging, integrate with Google Analytics, or even see the number of orders in your store at any given time.