The Top A/B Testing Plugins for Your WooCommerce Store

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a website design method that allows you to create two different versions of a site (or section) and then test them against each other, determining which one works best for your needs. This technique gets used most often with online storefronts, where creating variants helps determine what drives sales the best. A/B testing can focus on specific elements of the site or the entire page. Here are the top plugins for you to consider when testing your site.

Visual Website Optimizr

The Visual Website Optimizr plugin allows you to create A/B tests for your online store quickly through a simple point and click editor. The simplicity of the tool and the low time investment means that you can continually test elements of your store, comparing different functions and layouts as you consider adding them. The plugin offers split URL testing, user feedback, segmentable reports, and personalized content support. Reports are provided using easy to understand visuals such as heat maps that show you which elements of the test are most successful. Finally, a landing page analyzer allows you to review the most important page of your store and figure out how you can improve it.

Nelio A/B Testing

Nelio A/B Testing is one of the most comprehensive split testing tools available to WooCommerce users. To use the tool, you only need to create alternate versions of whatever product or page you want to test. This could include something as simple as changing the product picture and name, or it could represent a more visually intensive overhaul. You can test as many alternates as you want for any given item, so go ahead and test your creativity. Nelio then returns a report that gives a breakdown of page views, conversions, and trends over time that each alternative collects. This gives you a nice visual representation of the split test, letting you know which version you should go with in the future.


Marketizator is actually a multipurpose plugin that covers a variety of different areas, but A/B testing is a key component of the plugin. The A/B testing features offered by this tool include the ability to create and track custom goals, an interface that can test multiple variables at once, and a statistical relevance calculator that helps to make sure you get a large enough sample for effective testing. The testing interface uses a WYSIWYG editor, which makes it easy to build split testing models even if you don’t know much in terms of coding. The base version of this tool is free, but the premium version unlocks more advanced reporting features as well as survey tools, popup banner creators, and more.

WordPress Calls to Action

Your call to action (CTA) is one of the most import parts of any store page. This makes it an ideal candidate for split testing, since you need to make sure that you are using the most effective CTA possible. WordPress Calls to Action provides a number of different CTA templates that you can customize to fit your store. The plugin also provides A/B testing and multivariate split testing for those CTAs, giving you a chance to determine how each performs. This tool is best used in conjunction with one of the other A/B testing tools listed here in order to perform a full testing on your store, but it helps to have something with a laser focus on CTAs to help you generate the most effective call possible.

Max A/B

Created by Max Foundry, Max A/B provides testing that is compatible with every theme out there. This helps minimize the risk of bugs or errors that might compromise your A/B testing. There is a limit on the number of pages you can test at once – you have your main page and up to three variants at a time. However, you can run an unlimited number of experiments, pausing and restarting at any point during your testing. The feedback comes to you in real time, giving you a chance to see how things develop quickly. Finally, this plugin provides in-depth conversion page testing, which allows you to experiment with effective ways to turn traffic into sales.

A/B testing is a very useful tool that allows you to determine which pieces of your website resonate with viewers and which ones stand the best chance of converting readers into customers. You can use the tools listed here on their own or in conjunction with each other to create a robust testing system that is only limited by your desires.