How to Use WooCommerce to Sell a Digital Product

Do you run an eCommerce store that specializes in something besides physical products? Do you actually sell digital goods, such as PDFs, games, audio files or books, or even stock photos? If so, then you need a different type of selling solution. With WooCommerce digital downloads and solutions, you can find the careful handling and unique features needed to ensure your selling efforts are successful.

If you currently have, or plan on starting, a store featuring downloadable or digital products, use the guidelines here to ensure your customers are happy with the purchases they make. The tips below will also be beneficial in creating a unique shopping experience to convert more of your browsers into actual, paid customers, while attracting more searchers to your store.

Choose the “Downloadable” Product Type

If you aren’t selling any physical goods, then you don’t need to create products that have tax classes, shipping charges or other complicated rules that aren’t applicable. The good news is, with the check of a single box, all these unneeded settings can be eliminated.

When using WooCommerce to create a new product, be sure to always click the “Downloadable” box found in the General Tab. This will change your product type to only downloadable ones, eliminating all the unneeded options.

Choose the Right Schema for Your Digital Products

A factor that may affect the way your digital products are seen in search engines – and if they attract shoppers – is the schema markup you use. A schema is a structured data markup used to let people know what is on a page. When you have the right type of schema in place, a preview is going to show up in the search results, providing shoppers with a look at important information.

In WooCommerce, you will find three schema options when setting up your digital or downloadable product, which include: music, application/software, or standard product. Each schema will alter how the downloadable items appear in the search results. With the right schema markup, you can attract more potential buyers to what you have to offer.

Add Samples, Video Clips, or Screenshots

When you are selling a physical product, showing it online is simple – all you have to do is take a few photos and you’re set. However, with downloadable goods, you will have to convey the value of your products in different ways. Usually this is most effectively done by sharing some type of samples. This could mean several things, such as giving away the first few pages, watermarking an image, adding a few screenshots, or uploading short video or audio clips.

Because shoppers won’t be able to see, experience or touch a digital product like they can with physical ones, you have to give them something they can try out, listen to or look at. The samples can also help you fill in gaps on otherwise rather sparse product pages.

Use Compelling Copywriting

As we mentioned before, when it comes to filling in gaps, you may want to use samples and screenshots that shoppers would find appealing. Another way to help get over this lack of visual information and to convince your visitors that what you are selling is worth buying is by implementing compelling copywriting. This can help convince any unsure shoppers to take action, especially when you combine this with the samples mentioned above.

To create compelling copywriting, use the following tips: create a detailed description, highlight what the customer will receive and how they will receive their product, and how the product will benefit them. Always include a call to action that tells your shopper what to do next. When you write about how great your product is, and successfully convey this message, your shoppers will be more apt to buy.

Review the Download Settings and Make Adjustments when Needed

Remember, each store is different. As a result, the rules you apply to the digital or downloadable goods you sell are also different. For example, if you are selling video games, then you will likely want to limit it to one copy per customer. For eBooks geared toward business owners, you may allow multiple downloads. When you choose WooCommerce digital downloads for your store, you can control all this thanks to the easy to use, built-in options. You get to set your preferences regarding how many copies of something can be downloaded, if there is an expiration date to download, etc.

Regardless of what you are selling, WooCommerce can help – including downloadable or digital products. By using the information here, you will be well on your way to creating the perfect product pages, as well.

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