7 Surprising Types of Businesses You Can Use WooCommerce For

WooCommerce has been a valuable sales platform for tens of thousands of businesses, but when you think of the platform, there’s a good chance you think of things like dropship businesses or companies that stock and sell their own inventory. WooCommerce is much more than this, though. It can be used for many other types of businesses, including repair services, real estate, and more.

Real Estate Agencies

WooCommerce is great for selling just about anything, whether it’s handmade goods, typical gift shop inventory, or even homes. Believe it or not, WooCommerce is an excellent platform for real estate. Product listing plugins make it easy to upload numerous photos and exciting descriptions, and you can even use free plugins to automate emails to people who show interest in certain offerings. It’s a great “home base” and helps you stay organized while you provide a professional website for your potential buyers.

Hairstylists, Barbers, & Cosmetologists

If you think you need an expensive website to advertise your services and allow customers to schedule appointments, think again. WooCommerce offers an exceptional platform for hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, and similar types of businesses. With it, you can advertise all the services you provide, set up a VIP Lounge for those who come back and show their loyalty, and even create special promotions to help drive new business. It automates email confirmations to those who make appointments, and it provides you with a digital schedule that will help you plan your day.


The biggest part of being successful as a musician involves putting yourself out there, selling tickets and merchandise, and interacting with your fanbase. WooCommerce allows you to do it all when you customize your shop with the right kinds of extensions. You can display tickets to your upcoming shows in a product carousel, you can sell your merchandise online via a traditional shop setting, and you can even sell access to private video performances that can help drive fan appreciation. The possibilities are endless.


Whether you teach piano lessons, cooking classes, or even fitness instruction, WooCommerce could very well give you a leading edge. You can set up subscription-only access to prerecorded videos, and you can even sell access to regular live events for premium members. With some determination and persistence, it is possible to succeed with WooCommerce and reach more people than ever before.


Artists of all types utilize WooCommerce for selling their digital works. Whether you’re a photographer who wants to provide access to prints or a painter who wants to sell physical products online, WooCommerce is an exciting alternative to relying solely in social media and word of mouth. WooCommerce handles most of the hard work, including payment processing, access to digital purchases, and even email confirmation or reminders depending on your unique needs. You can sell music, videos, and more digitally through WooCommerce, as well.

Landscapers & Other Service Providers

If you run any kind of business that offers repeat services like maintenance, then WooCommerce can be a powerful tool. For example, a landscaper may choose to set up several different subscription or membership tiers, allowing their customers to select which services they need at prices they can afford. Then, these customers can schedule their services according to a block of time you have available. The automation can help you spend more time doing what you love – running your company and providing services to your customers.


If you’re someone who likes to buy things used, fix them up, and then auction them off to the highest bidder, or if you enjoy “picking” antiques from yard sales to auction off to those who are interested, WooCommerce can help. Simply put up your listing, choose a minimum bid, and let the battle begin. Plugins will send notifications to those participating when they’ve been outbid, allow customers to set minimum and maximum bid amounts to automate things on their end, and much, much more. Much like eBay, you can even choose a “Buy Now” price if you have multiples of an item and want to give customers the ability to simply purchase them outright.

Many people believe that WooCommerce is a platform designed around the sale of physical items. While it can certainly give you the customization and selling power you want, it can do much more. Many, many business models can benefit from WooCommerce and its numerous plugins, so no matter how you make your living, a WooCommerce web shop could significantly boost your recognition and income. All you need to do is have the right extension.