7 of the Top WooCommerce Websites and What You Can Learn from Them

As of 2017, 0.6% of all the websites in the world were based on WooCommerce. That figure may not seem very impressive, but when you consider the fact that WooCommerce powers some 42% of all the online stores available on the world wide web, it becomes very clear that this platform is a clear leader. Here, you will learn more about seven of the absolute best WooCommerce websites and how they’ve used this platform to get to the top.


Singer is one of the most popular sewing machine brands in the world, and with more than a century of experience in their industry, people expect professionalism, style, and reliability. Those qualities are reflected in their website, which is one of the most well-known WooCommerce websites to date. The eye is immediately drawn to the lovely imagery on the main page, and then to the text announcing the sale on their products. With a simple red-and-white color scheme, high-resolution imagery, and products divided into categories for simple navigation, this is e-commerce at its finest.


Even if you know absolutely nothing about travel trailers before visiting the Airstream website, you will feel like an expert when you leave. Airstream’s is one of several WooCommerce websites that shows just how powerful the right extensions can be. The perfect utilization of gallery-enhancing extensions alongside impeccable navigation create an amazing, refreshing experience. Along those same lines, clicking the “Travel Trailers” and “Touring Coaches” menus instantly shows you all the company’s most popular models in a mini-gallery form. With excellent true-to-life photos and videos spread across the site, it’s hard to click away without buying.


Weber’s grills and accessories are staples in households across America, and for good reason. They’re known for quality and durability, and their website doesn’t disappoint on either front. Of all the WooCommerce websites listed here, this one is by far the most unique. Its dark theme highlights the scrollable high-resolution photo that takes center stage, and the menus provide access to any page on the site within just a few clicks. Each of the menu options is divided into further categories with large representative images. Clicking an image for gas grills, for example, shows you their entire product line along with powerful calls to action, color selectors, and more for customizing your experience.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Believe it or not, the Ripley’s website is also powered by WooCommerce. It may seem strange considering much of the site is informational rather than sales-related, but the team at Ripley’s has the whole e-commerce thing figured out. When visiting the site, you land on the “Weird News” page, which is what makes them so very famous in the first place. To the right, you can sign up for the newsletter or check the locations for upcoming events. In fact, this is one of the many WooCommerce websites that utilizes an events extension to sell tickets for those events. Their site suits the nature of their business well, and they have done an excellent job overall.

All Blacks

All Blacks is the name of the legendary New Zealand rugby team, and their website is the perfect reincarnation of the emotion they elicit from their fans. The entire page is black, save for the AutoPlay carousel on the landing page and the blue highlights that show you which menu you’re in. You will find columns, merchandise, tickets, and more, and if you scroll down the page a bit, you’ll even be able to find the All Blacks’ music playlist. This truly helps visitors feel at home, and it’s something unique that makes this one stand out from many other WooCommerce websites.

Ghost Bed

With the rise of memory foam mattresses and the focus on the importance of quality sleep came a huge influx of companies selling what they claim to be the “best mattress ever”. Ghost Bed is one of many companies that are relatively new to the game, but of all the WooCommerce websites on this page, this one is by far the most convincing. The entire landing page is an image of one of their beds, and after a few seconds, you see a popup for their Spring Cleaning sale, where you can save $200 on your purchase. It’s an awesome call to action and one that is further enhanced by the bright colors, the easy navigation, links to Consumer Reports, and more. If you’re selling a very specific product, consider modeling your website after this one.

Printing Brooklyn

Printing Brooklyn is a more localized business with actual retail locations, but their website says a lot about who they are and what they do. Their description is immediately visible over a video that makes up the landing page background, and just below that, you can find a list of their most popular products. You can shop their products and services online, and if you see something you like, or if you have an idea, the highlighted “Get a Quote” button is all it takes to learn more. This is one of many WooCommerce websites that is more about providing information than making online sales, and it’s serving Printing Brooklyn very well.

Some of the biggest names and oldest companies in the world today use WooCommerce websites to help boost their sales and reputations. Each of these websites offers something unique, but every single one is an example of the best way to provide an outstanding user experience that drives people to do business with you.