13 WooCommerce FAQs You Need Answers To

With all the WooCommerce resources out there, it can be hard to find a comprehensive list of FAQs that covers all the things you really want to know. Here is a list of 13 WooCommerce FAQs that are guaranteed to answer all of your most pressing questions about this increasingly popular e-commerce platform.

Is WooCommerce Part of WordPress?

WooCommerce is its own entity, but it was developed as a WordPress plugin. What this means is that WordPress, an open-source blogging and website creation platform, was created first, and later, a group of people used WordPress code to create WooCommerce as an optional plugin.

How Much does WooCommerce Cost?

Of all the WooCommerce FAQs, this is by far the most common. Like WordPress, WooCommerce is free to use. However, some of the extensions and add-ons that you can use to make WooCommerce more personalized and functional may come at a cost. Again, these are optional, and it is possible to build a fully-functional e-commerce shop for free.

Will My WooCommerce Shop Look like All the Rest?

One of the biggest questions people ask when it comes to building a shop with WooCommerce is how much that shop can be customized. WooCommerce’s open source platform means that anyone with some simple coding knowledge can create extensions and themes. Because of this, it’s possible to choose from thousands of unique themes, each with its own look, that can give you a more unique-looking shop.

Does WooCommerce Offer Support and Help?

Absolutely. Even though WooCommerce is free to use, the developers are available via email and other means to provide you with assistance. You can find forums with answers to various technical questions, as well, to help you get your shop up and running.

How Long Does it Take to Set Up Shop?

This is one of the most common WooCommerce FAQs and for good reason. People usually underestimate the time it takes to create a fully-functional shop, and while it’s possible to get through the setup wizard in as little as five minutes, adding individual products can take quite a bit of time. Add-ons and extensions can help by allowing you to import products, but it can still take time to make sure you do it properly.

Are there Free Extensions, Too?

Many WooCommerce FAQ lists tend to play up the fact that WooCommerce is free, but they don’t mention the cost of the add-ons and extensions required to make things simpler and manageable. Some of the extensions out there are indeed free, but the best and most robust typically come with annual licenses.

What Languages Is WooCommerce Available In?

By default, WooCommerce is available in English. You can download translated versions via WordPress, but even these are limited. If you want to create a multilingual shop, you will need to download an extension or create WooCommerce installations for each language you would like to offer.

How Many Products can I have in My WooCommerce Shop?

WooCommerce can potentially handle tens of thousands of products, but you need to consider more than just WooCommerce. As long as your web host is relatively decent, you should have no issue listing up to 10,000 products in your shop.

What Kinds of Payments can I Accept?

By default, you can accept payments via Stripe (for free!), PayPal, checks, and bank transfers. To accept other types of payments, you will need to install addons or extensions.

Can I Sell Digital Products through WooCommerce?

Absolutely! If you want to offer artwork or printables through your WooCommerce shop, all you have to do is upload them to your store and tell WooCommerce to make them available to customers after their purchases have been processed.

Can I Sell Software or Memberships through WooCommerce?

If you’re selling Software as a Service (SaaS), lessons, classes, one-on-one sessions, or memberships of any kind, you can do that with WooCommerce, too. This is one of the most common WooCommerce FAQs because there are so few platforms allow for this kind of thing. Membership and subscription sales work best with specific extensions, but they are possible.

Does WooCommerce Integrate with Existing Platforms like Mailchimp or Excel?

No matter what you’re already using to run your business, or no matter what you’re planning to use, there’s a very good chance that you can integrate it with WooCommerce using an extension.

Can I Integrate WooCommerce with other E-commerce Platforms?

Are you already selling products on big e-commerce sites like Amazon or eBay? If so, there are some simple and easy ways to integrate your shops to sync your inventory, customer lists, and more. Again, it will require extensions to make it simple, but these are often quite affordable and well worth the money.

These WooCommerce FAQs represent those that are asked most often of one of the world’s biggest e-commerce shop hosting platforms. Simply put, there is very little you cannot do with WooCommerce, and thanks to its open-source coding, there are new extensions and add-ons available all the time.