11 Methods to Turn Your Readers into Buyers

Boosting traffic to your WooCommerce store is a good thing, but it only really benefits you as a business if you convert that traffic into sales. By paying attention to your customers and building relationships with them, you can make sure that people who visit your page come there to buy, not just to browse.

Be Active on Social Media

Creating a relationship with your readers is one of the essential elements for generating conversions. Customers want their preferred online stores to be more than just places to shop – they want to feel an attachment to the brand as a whole. Make sure that you have an active presence on various social media networks.

Create an Informative Blog

Content marketing is one of your greatest tools when it comes to boosting engagement. By blogging regularly about a topic of interest to your customers, you can strengthen your relationship with them. This has the added benefit of improving your reputation as an expert in your field. As long as you make sure to provide relevant and useful information, you will see not only an increase in traffic, but also a rise in conversions.

Advertise Selectively

One of the easiest ways to get people to click onto another page rather than remaining at your online store is to inundate them with ads that are not relevant. If you run ads on your website itself, make sure that they aren’t obtrusive. If an ad blocks an attempt to navigate elsewhere or access the online cart, it does more harm than good.

Target Communications Well

Emails and newsletters from your online store are a useful form of advertising, but they are still ads. This means that they are only useful as long as the customer finds them relevant. Make sure that you do your research on who your customers are and what your most popular products and services are. When you communicate via email, blog, or anything else, tailor those communications to your customers’ interests. Appropriate targeting makes the advertising useful instead of just noise.

Use CTAs in Your Communications

A call to action, or CTA, gives customers an idea of what they should do with the information you provide and how they should follow up on an item of interest. Whenever you create a blog post or email communication that targets your customers, make sure to provide CTAs throughout the communication, especially in the final paragraph.

Develop an Informative “About” Page

Believe it or not, your “About” page will become one of the most frequently visited pages on your site. This means that the page represents an opportunity to connect with customers and grow your business. Make sure to describe your business in terms of what you can do for your potential customers. People who visit the “About” page are already invested, so the right information here can convert them to customers.

Encourage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are one of the best tools you have available to not only boost your WooCommerce SEO reach but also convince readers to purchase a product. These represent views of real, regular people that the reader can implicitly trust to a certain degree. Make reviewing products easy and encourage reviews whenever possible.

Format for Skimming

Many readers skim an article rather than reading it in depth. If the content suits them, they give it a closer look and may even become regular customers. When developing content, make sure to format for skimmers, providing information that will get them to become more engaged. This means using short paragraphs and plenty of subheadings to break your content up.

Make an Accessible Cart

It’s very easy for a customer to abandon your site without buying if getting to the shopping cart is a chore. Make sure that the cart is accessible from every page, preferably right in your store’s main banner or navigation bar. That way, customers can jump from reading to buying almost instantly.

Provide High-Quality Pictures

Make sure that any pictures you put online, whether product images or window dressing for blog entries, are high quality and optimized for viewing on the Internet. Low-quality pictures are useless to a customer and look unprofessional, and poorly optimized images slow down the loading time of your store, decreasing the odds of a conversion.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Most customers access your website via mobile devices, which means that any theme you use needs to take this into consideration. Run tests on various devices to make sure that your store loads well across different devices. If you don’t have a responsive theme, make sure to upgrade your store to include one.

Driving casual readers to become regular customers takes work and consideration, but it is possible. The tips above will help you generate more conversions in all areas of your store.