WooCommerce Product add-ons multiply quantity for pricing [Updated How To]

Here is the question (see answer below):

“What method can I use to setup a woocommerce product using conditional logic so that customers first choose the quantity from a drop-down, then paper quality from another drop-down, then paper color from another drop-down. I don’t want to use product variations”?

Let say quantities is 200, 400 or 600. Qualities are bad, good, best. Colors are red, blue, green. All have different prices like:

1 of 200 =$1
1 of 400 =$2
1 of 600 =$3
1 of bad =$1
1 of good =$2
1 of best =$3
1 of red =$1
1 of blue =$2
1 of green =$3

When ordering 200 pieces good red the price is $4, and when ordering 400 pieces good red the price is $7 because you need 2 of good, to cover 400 pieces.

How can this be set up as a product without using variations? I will not use variations because 1 product will have about 300 variations and I cant use time to manually set a price for each variation.

The answer

The most used product add-on is from, but it cant multiply quantities, it does not support conditional logic. For that, we need something that uses conditional logic, so that the price is multiplying depending on quantities. WP Desk has a plugin that can be used for that. See and we used that with great success in this web store:

(We are not affiliates of WP Desk, we just want to share the good experience we had with them.)