Why Your Web Shop Needs a Business Plan and How to Write One

A good business plan is one of the most essential elements that any company can have. Even if you work on your webshop on a part-time basis, having a business plan in place will help you turn a profit and potentially enable you to make it a full-time job. Here are the ways in which developing a good plan and following it can help turn your business into something truly successful, along with some valuable tips that will help you plot a good course for your web store.

A Business Plan Is a Road Map

Most larger companies create business plans in order to provide an idea of where the business is heading and how investors can expect their money to grow. However, even those who don’t have a board of directors or investors to answer to can use a road map for their business. Creating a plan early on gives you a chance to outline your starting point and the assets that you put into the company. From there, you can outline your expectations, planned rate of growth, and the ultimate goals that your business exists to pursue. Think of your business plan like a road map. Failure to have a good plan in place can impede your growth and keep you from getting to where you want to go.

Your Business Plan Helps with Growth

Even if your business plan begins as something you make for yourself, it doesn’t necessarily stay that way. Virtually any successful business will grow, which means more opportunities for investors and more potential to add employees down the line. By having a business plan in place, you can direct this growth in a meaningful way. Your plan should include goals for both the short and long term as well as guidelines for what success and fail states look like for your store. When a new opportunity for growth arises, you can refer to these notes to determine how it fits into the overall goals of your business.

The Essentials of a Good Business Plan

Once you have determined that it’s time to create a business plan for your store, you need to think about the level of information that you should include. You should create a description of your company that provides a snapshot of where you are at the time of the writing and projects where you expect to be in one year, five years, and ten years. This portion of the summary should also include a market analysis that identifies your target demographic and makes note of the ways in which you reach out to that audience. Essentially, the first part of your business plan is a summary of how your store currently operates along with some thought about how you might expand your horizons in the future.

Market Analysis and Beyond

Once you have the essentials of your business operations in your plan, you need to analyze the market that you target. Detail who your market is, what challenges exist to reach them, and where their interests lie. From there, you should outline the way in which you currently market to the audience and what you have planned for future marketing endeavors. Writing everything down like this in an organized manner allows you, your stakeholders, and other people associated with your business to regularly analyze what is working and what isn’t. Make sure you are comprehensive in your business plan, as getting the details in order gives you greater flexibility when you need to make a change.

Financial Projections

A final step to developing a good business plan is to include a section on financial projections. This should include an analysis of how much your store pulls in on a quarterly and annual basis, a look at where your most profitable seasons are, and how much of your income gets invested back into the business. Even if you don’t have outside investors or financial stakeholders, it is a good idea to write this section as though you are presenting the projections to somebody else, either as a report to a board or a funding request. This makes it easier to appeal to other potential stakeholders should you seek investors or partnerships in the future.

Even if you envision your webshop as a small project that doesn’t require much maintenance, a business plan allows you to make the most profit possible. Make sure to include the elements listed above in your plan and you will find yourself better prepared and more efficient for years to come.