Sell Services As Product With EDD Sell Services

If you are into a profession that does not manufacture or acquires actual products but sells services such as designing a website, a logo, writing content etc, you can also create an online store via a fully-functional WordPress plugin called EDD Sell Services. Sites like Upwork and Fiverr are gaining huge importance as they allow freelancers to sell their services online with good income. 

This add on allows you to create an online micro job site like Fiverr by selling services just like products. EDD sell services is an extension to the famous Easy Digital Downloads plugin. It adds a dedicated conversation section between a vendor and a buyer and provides full flexibility to a vendor to sell his services online. Moreover, a customer can add reviews for the vendor once he has received the service and is satisfied with it. This tool is really effective and useful in giving you a platform to sell your services online with super intuitive features using the most powerful and popular platform WordPress. 

Usefulness Of EDD Sell Services:

EDD Sell Services can be considered as an extended version of the Easy Digital Downloads plugin as it allows vendors to sell services apart from other digital and downloadable products. It is an addon to Easy Digital Downloads Plugin that allows selling digital downloads. And, with EDD sell services, you can sell all your services that require to download and upload digital files by clients have a timeline and require further conversation in processing the service order. This plugin is very useful and offers a variety of features to sell services such as:

Selling Services In Form Of Product:

Selling Services In Form Of Product

If you are planning to sell services online, this plugin is ideal for you. It adds a tab called “EDD Services” to allow a vendor to sell services just like other digital products. So, they do not have to do anything extra to add services that they want to sell on their site. 

Allows Vendors To Add Questions:

Allows Vendors To Add Questions

Selling services also requires a number of questions that need to be answered. For example, if a customer wants a blog on a particular topic, he needs to tell the number of words, keywords and other related details to the vendor. This plugin gives a vendor the feature to add questions that will be required to process the service. Vendors can add multiple questions with varying criteria and an order will only start after all the questions have been answered by the customer. 

A Dedicated Conversation Section Between Vendors And Customers:

A Dedicated Conversation Section Between Vendors And Customers:

Another very important feature that this plugin offers is adding a dedicated conversation section between customer and vendor. This makes it easy for both parties to communicate with each other once the order has started. This feature is useful as it maintains transparency between the vendor and customers. Moreover, if a customer has any question or wants to add anything else to his order, he can simply converse with the vendor via this section. 

Conversation Trigger Emails:

Conversation Trigger Emails

This plugin also enables conversation trigger emails for each conversation triggers. This means that both vendor and customer will receive emails for each conversation trigger such order started, the order in process, order completed etc. 

Adding Reviews And Ratings:

Adding Reviews And Ratings

Another great feature of this plugin is it allows customers to add reviews and ratings for the services provided by the vendor. A vendor can also add a review for his customer which will be displayed only when both of them have reviewed each other. 

Start Selling Services Online Today

EDD Sell Services can prove to be an ideal tool for niche-based sites who want to sell services and other digital products online with the power to communicate with the end customers. You can also use this plugin if you simply want to extend your WordPress online store to sell services as well. If you are planning to create a multivendor website connecting multiple vendors and customers, you can also EDD Front-End Submissions Plugin that provides a multivendor functionality to your online store. This plugin is an addon to Easy Digital Downloads and also fully compatible with EDD Sell Services.