Improve Marketing with these 7 WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins

The ecommerce business model is booming, and while that is great news for those who sell products and services online, it also means that ecommerce is getting more competitive than ever before. You need to focus on more than just a great product; great marketing is what will truly help you succeed, and an affiliate program can be quite profitable. Below, you can learn more about seven WooCommerce affiliate plugins designed to take your marketing to the next level.

WooCommerce Probox

Though providing affiliate links is a great starting point, evidence suggests that visual representations of your products are more likely to generate traffic. Probox is designed to provide your affiliates with a custom widget they can embed in their own websites. It’s easy to use and only requires your affiliates to copy and paste a line of code into their pages. It increases your website’s credibility, boosts your Google ranking, and puts an image of your product in the public eye, which is sure to make a tremendous difference in your marketing campaign.

Multilevel Referral Plugin

Aside from simply giving a small percentage of a sale to an affiliate in exchange for closing that sale, you can take things even further with WooCommerce affiliate plugins designed for referral programs. With these, each of your affiliates receives points based on the sales made through their links. You can give your affiliates options, as well. For example, each point may translate to a certain dollar amount, and once an affiliate has a set number of points, he or she can spend them in your online store. You might also opt to allow cash withdrawals once your affiliates hit a certain number of points. The possibilities are endless, and you can customize it to your needs.

The multilevel system is what sets this plugin apart from others. It can do more than just give your direct affiliates access to rewards. In fact, it even allows your affiliates the opportunity to gain affiliates of their own, creating a hierarchal system in which everyone benefits from the perks you provide. By setting different levels. There’s always something for each affiliate to look forward to.

SUMO Affiliates

SUMO Affiliates is one of the simplest and most straightforward of all the WooCommerce affiliate plugins. It takes the traditional affiliate setup in which affiliates earn a percentage of each sale as a commission but makes it incredibly easy to manage and understand. You will have a dashboard where you can view all paid and unpaid commissions, and your affiliates will have their own dashboards where they can check their earnings and payments. SUMO works with all WooCommerce supported themes.

The Best of the Best: Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

If you’re looking for something incredibly robust, packed with features, and easy to use all at the same time, then Ultimate Affiliate Pro is for you. It integrates with far more than just WooCommerce and allows access to Easy Digital Downloads, Stripe, and PayPal just to name a few. Its features include things like:

Unlimited Affiliates – Some WooCommerce affiliate plugins limit the number of affiliates you can have and require you to pay even more if that number increases. That’s not the case with Ultimate Affiliate Pro – you can have as many as you like.

Rank-Based Rewards – This is one of few WooCommerce affiliate plugins that works well with the multilevel marketing strategy. If you want to provide higher commissions or bigger rewards to those who have more sales, then this is a great tool. Each rank has its own set of achievements you set, and once those have been met, the affiliate is automatically promoted.

Set Special Offers – If you want to have a weekend sales rally or you’re trying to move a product that has been in inventory too long, you can set up special offers that incentivize sales for those products or those time frames.

Performance Bonuses – Aside from simple commissions, you might choose to provide a flat reward for each affiliate who reaches a certain milestone for some additional motivation.

Payouts through PayPal and Stripe – Two of the country’s biggest payment processors, PayPal and Stripe, have been integrated directly into the Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin.

When you are ready to truly push your business and increase your earnings, an affiliate program could be the very thing you need. Though it can be difficult to set up and manage these programs, all the WooCommerce affiliate plugins listed above can help. Some are simple and some are quite complex – just like your operations – so you can choose the one that works for you.