Boost Revenue and Make Life Easier with these WooCommerce Dropship Plugins

These days, online retailers are beginning to discover the value and ease that comes from asking someone else to fulfill your storage, inventory, and shipping needs. If you want to sell physical products, but you don’t want to stock your own inventory, then a dropship business model is likely a great idea for you. Here are a few different WooCommerce dropship plugins that will help you navigate the waters and see your business succeed.

Boost Sales | Upsells & Cross-Sells

With any business model, the more you sell, the more you make. Being able to give buyers added value by upselling a product they select or by cross-selling a product that may also suit their needs, you can sell more with less effort. WooCommerce dropship plugins like Boost Sales | Upsells & Cross-Sells can really go a long way. With the upselling feature, you can offer more valuable alternatives or relevant items, allowing consumers the option to buy more of something or buy a more valuable (and more expensive) version of something when they put items in their shopping carts.

The Cross-Sell feature gives you the chance to create product bundles that work well together. For example, if your customer puts a package of pens in his or her cart, you might offer a notebook or a set of matching mechanical pencils depending on your customer base. You might even choose to offer discounts to those consumers who choose to buy the whole bundle.

Refer a Friend for WooCommerce

This is another one of the best WooCommerce dropship plugins out there if you are interested in increasing your revenue. Refer a Friend works on the notion that you can grow your dropship business via word of mouth. Each customer has his or her own unique link, and when someone else visits that link and makes a purchase, the referrer gets a reward. It’s a simplified version of an affiliate program, but it certainly can help make things easier by automating some of the marketing.

Refer a Friend works well for dropship business models because it helps you generate extra sales, which is the backbone of your business. You can only mark products up so much, so the real trick to making your business successful involves working with as many suppliers as you can and generating as many sales as you can. The Refer a Friend plugin can help with the latter, and it rewards your customers for their help and loyalty.

WooCommerce Shop to Facebook

On the other hand, if you rely on social media to help make sales, then this is one of the WooCommerce dropship plugins you absolutely do not want to be without. Shop to Facebook integrates your WooCommerce shop with your Facebook account, automatically moving items from one store to the other. The best part? If you do a product review on YouTube, or if you create a post on Pinterest, you can automatically import it to Facebook to get even more views using the Shop to Facebook plugin.

Facebook is a great outlet for dropshipping because it helps get the word out. Again, like the Refer a Friend program, it is designed to put your offerings in front of as many people as possible. This alone can help you generate incredible amounts of income.

WooCommerce Dropshippers Plugin

As you might have already guessed, there’s an entire plugin dedicated solely to the dropship business model. It simplifies and partially automates some of the backend dropshipping processes to save you time and boost your income. With it, you can create a new user type from the WordPress dashboard called “Dropshipper”, which opens up a brand-new menu. Here, you can assign contact details, relevant products, and more. You can even assign a dropshipping price to every one of your products, thus giving suppliers access to a very specific dashboard showing them how much of their products you sold and how much you owe them for those products.

This is one of few WooCommerce dropship plugins that automates the order confirmation process. When someone places an order for a specific shipper’s product, and when that order processes successfully, that shipper gets a confirmation. This can save you hours as you will not need to create notifications or confirmations after each order. You will still need to arrangement payments, but other things can be automated. Imagine the time savings if you process hundreds of orders each day or work with numerous suppliers!

Though each of these WooCommerce dropship plugins can certainly go a long way toward saving you time and boosting your sales potential, they work best when used in tandem with one another. The WooCommerce Dropshippers Plugin serves as the backbone, and things like Boost Sales, Refer a Friend, and Shop to Facebook all serve very important, but secondary, roles.