9 WooCommerce Shipping Plugins to Give Your Web Store the Edge

Whether you’re a brand-new ecommerce entrepreneur or you manage 10 different web shops, you’re probably at least familiar with WooCommerce. It’s one of the most popular platforms out there for building and maintaining a virtual store, and with thousands of unique plugins, it does so very simply. Here, you will learn more about nine of the most popular WooCommerce shipping plugins in the world and how they can simplify your everyday life.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro

Table Rate Shipping Pro is incredibly flexible, and that’s a great thing for both you and your customers. Consider some of the most difficult business scenarios related to shipping – and then keep in mind that this WooCommerce shipping plugin can handle them all. You can set domestic and international rates, configure shipping rates based on total order cost rather than weight or quantity, or use filters to define different rates for different types of products. It’s one of many paid WooCommerce shipping plugins, but it comes in a Basic and Premium version with varying features. You can choose the one that works best for your company’s needs.

WooCommerce Delivery Time Picker for Shipping

What if your store gave your customers the ability to set their own delivery times? With WooCommerce shipping plugins, you can. The Delivery Time Picker allows your customers to choose the date and time their orders will arrive, which is incredibly useful for consumers who want to be present when expensive or fragile items arrive. This can be incredibly helpful for local deliveries you make on your own, but it does not work with items shipped by major carriers like USPS, FedEx, or UPS, to name a few.

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro

There are people who can wait patiently for their orders to arrive, and there are others who start tracking the package the moment they place the order. With the Shipment Tracking Pro extension, one of several very helpful WooCommerce shipping plugins to boost customer satisfaction, you can appease everyone. After integrating with your WooCommerce store, you can add, change, and send tracking information to customers via numerous shipping services. It even allows you to add the shipping and tracking information in order confirmation emails or in the buyer’s “My Account” section of your store.

WooCommerce Weight-Based Shipping

If you’re looking for WooCommerce shipping plugins that give you the flexibility to use a weight-based shipping method, but you’re concerned about accuracy, then the Weight-Based Shipping extension is for you. It focuses primarily on the combined weight of an order to provide the buyer with the shipping cost, but you can go in and add different shipping rules based on whatever conditions you choose. For example, you can change prices based on the customer’s location, the shipping destination, the total order cost, or the weight of the whole package rather than each individual item inside that package. It makes it easy to give customers free shipping if they spend a minimum amount, too.

FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label

If you plan to use FedEx exclusively, or if you want to give your customers the option to choose their own carriers, this plugin is fantastic. It gives you everything you need to properly manage all your orders processed and shipped via FedEx. Some of the features include the ability to offer shipping rates to your shoppers in real time, print shipping labels, determine packing methods, email tracking information to your customers, and more. You can even manually adjust shipping rates if you prefer, which can align with any sales or free shipping specials you might have active at any given point in time.

WooCommerce UPS Plugin

Another of the WooCommerce shipping plugins designed to integrate with big-name shipping partners, the UPS plugin takes its information directly from UPS’s APIs. Your customers can view all the various services available to them based upon the product’s weight and their location. They can even use the plugin to track their orders when they visit the “My Account” section of your store. Like the FedEx plugin, you get to define the parcel packing methods, add handling costs to various UPS services, and decide which of those services you want to provide.

WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping

If you plan to use multiple shippers to deliver packages to your customers, you might want to forego the standalone WooCommerce shipping plugins for FedEx and UPS and instead spring for the Multi-Carrier Shipping extension. Here, you can add all the different services your customers might request, including not only FedEx and UPS, but also USPS, DHL, and Stamps.com. Your customers will be able to view real-time shipping prices, and you can set all the parameters you would like for each shipper.

Veeqo’s WooCommerce Shipping Tool

Handling high volume product orders can be difficult. And that’s especially true if your company struggles to send orders out right away. With the WooCommerce Shipping Tool from Veeqo, you can substantially simplify things and fulfill your orders more quickly. You can view all the rates and costs for every carrier in a location, track packages and order statuses, and even print up to 100 different shipping labels with just one click. It’s easy to use and provides all its features inside one package, which means you won’t have to go back and forth to several websites just to get the data you need.

The Advanced Free Shipping Plugin

There are not many WooCommerce shipping plugins dedicated solely to free shipping, but the Advanced Free Shipping plugin certainly is. One of the best marketing tactics for online sellers involves creating parameters for free shipping rates. As an example, you might opt to give first-time buyers free shipping, or you might provide free shipping for consecutive orders to encourage repeat sales. No matter what the parameter, this extension makes it easy.

Processing orders, fulfilling shipments, and providing information about shipments can be a daunting task, and this is especially true if you’re processing dozens of orders each day. All of these WooCommerce shipping plugins were designed to simplify these processes, facilitate faster fulfillment, and save you money.