13 Ways to Make Your WooCommerce Product Gallery Better than Ever

Your WooCommerce product gallery is the most important part of your business. It shows visitors what you’re selling and gives them vital bits of information that can help them make purchasing decisions. Though the standard gallery does a decent job, there are ways to make it better than ever, boost your conversions, and enhance your sales. Here are 13 different tips, tricks, and extensions to keep in mind.

Use High-Quality Images

WooCommerce galleries are just not like any WordPress gallery, if you want your WooCommerce product gallery to be the very best it can be, you must start with only the best, highest-quality images. A high-resolution photo of the entire product against a white background is always a good choice unless the product itself is white. In this case, you will need to provide some sort of contrast. Make sure you use bright, natural lighting whenever possible, as well.

Provide Multiple Images Per Product

The main photo for each product should include the entire product, but you have the ability to add additional photos for your products, as well. For example, if you’re selling a stand mixer with several unique attachments, you might opt to take photos with each attachment, then allow potential buyers to scroll through these. It’s also smart to take photos of your main product from various angles.

Use the WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider Add-On

Though WooCommerce’s base product gallery can and does get the job done, it’s almost always a good idea to enhance it somewhat. If you have a rather large list of products, there’s a good chance that visitors may not take the time to look through them all. A carousel allows you to show your visitors multiple products within a very short time, and this one has an AutoPlay feature that limits the number of required clicks.

Don’t Forget about Mobile Users

WooCommerce is designed in such a way that it is quite responsive on mobile devices, but when you start adding hundreds of products to your gallery, this can make things feel a little cumbersome for mobile users. Addons like WooSwipe can simplify things and keep your visitors happy. With it, users simply use their finger to swipe through the various images.

Show Different Colors & Styles

If a product you offer comes in various colors or styles, make sure that you have at least one high-quality photo for each. Customers may know what the color plum looks like, for example, but having a visual reference in front of them may be the cue they need to buy. Preferably, you will want to set it up so your product image changes as your customer select the different colors and styles. An extension called WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery can do this and much more.

Provide a Zoom Option

Another excellent way to make your WooCommerce product gallery even better involves allowing your visitors to zoom in on your photos and explore your products up close. Lumia WooCommerce Product Gallery was a great extension for this very thing. It offers three different zoom options: window, lens, and inner zoom. What’s more, it even allows you to adjust border colors, background colors, and more.

Take Photos Representative of Categories

One of the best ways to make your WooCommerce product gallery look and feel more professional is to sort your items into distinct categories and allow your visitors to choose from these. It could be the landing page for your gallery, or it could be available to your viewers from a menu. Regardless of how you do it, it’s important to take photos that adequately represent each category. If you sell clothing, for example, you might opt to sort your categories into Men’s Casual, Men’s Formal, Women’s Casual, Women’s Formal, etc. Then, take photos of several pieces of clothing together to use as a visual representation for each one.

Consider the WooCommerce Gallery Plugin

If you sell a product that is incredibly visual, such as artwork or even photography, then it’s absolutely vital for you to display your WooCommerce product gallery in such a way that visitors can easily see each product you offer. The WooCommerce Gallery plugin does this very thing, and it provides other features, too. For example, it allows visitors to select numerous products at once without clicking anywhere else, which is helpful if you’re selling products that don’t require a great deal of description.

Get the Visual Attributes Plugin

Of all the plugins for WooCommerce product gallery enhancement listed here, Visual Attributes is one of the best. It enhances variable products – those with different colors, sizes, styles, flavors, and even customizations – allowing you to show visitors different images, color swatches, text labels, and even icons based on their selections. When they choose an attribute, the entire image changes to show them what their selections will look like.

Your WooCommerce product gallery is the very backbone of your shop. Without it, your visitors would have no visual representation of what you’re offering. Making your product gallery the very best it can be will undoubtedly boost your sales. The tips, tricks, and extensions shown here were designed to give you more options than ever before when it comes to designing your gallery.