Change sequential order number Add-On for WooMultistore

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This addon works in WP multisite.

The sequential order number is a default feature of the WooCommerce Multistore plugin that you can enable or disable.

When enabling the feature for the first time, the plugin calculates the highest order number across your stores and sets the next order number in the sequence. If for any reason you want to change the sequential order number, please install this addon.

How does the addon work?
After the installation, look for the sub-menu Change Sequential Order Number under the network admin WooCommerce menu. The field Current Sequential Order Number will show you the number currently set. If it’s set to Not Set, then the sequential order number has not been set yet. If you want to set it to any number, change the value Update Sequential Order Number To and press Save Changes. If you want to unset the number and thus being the counter from the next highest order number across your store, enter 0 and Save Changes.

Note. When the number is saved you should deactivate this addon.

Screenshot of the settings:

change sequential order number woocommerce woomultistore