ACF Advanced Custom Fields WooMultistore Add-On

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This addon will republish all advanced custom fields and groups made by the Advanced Custom Fields plugin when using WooMultistore.

Also if you change a field group, the “Sync available” tab will appear on ACF “Field Groups” for all stores (see the image below)

To use it you need to install our WooMultistore plugin + Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). ACF needs to be installed on all the sites.


Since version 1.0.7 of the addon, when using global images, the gallery field does not display the images in the dashboard. There is no solution for this, unfortunately. The WordPress/ACF function that displays the images inside the gallery field cannot be modified, however, the values of the fields are correct. Therefore, users can display the images in front-end if using the correct functions.

ACF Gallery images not being displaied, but the values are correcct.