WooMultistore Reviews

What people say

WooMultistore is a fantastic plugin which is super simple to use. If you are looking to create multiple stores – I wouldn’t recommend any other plugin. After a few clicks you go can from one to multiple stores.
The support is also amazing. All questions are answered promptly. Great plugin which I would highly recommend.

– Warmest regards, Zita, South Africa

After using WPML for 3 years which gave me bad SEO in different languages WooMultistore saved my company by propelling my sites in different languages to the front page of search engines in different languages. After a little work on the sites to modify the product pages in the correct languages, it becomes child’s play to become an international company with easy stock management. I multiplied my turnover by 10 after a year with this plugin! A huge thank to you!!

– Gwenael, France

That’s incredible!

This plugin really does have it ALL.

– Shop owner, USA

Nice, thanks for the wonderfull support!!!
– Matheus

For informations: your plugin saved my company with this covid. I will never be thanksfull enough about your plugin!

– Shop owner, France

Your plugin works perfectly between my Danish webshop (Bilkey.dk) and my corresponding English (Carkeycar.com).

Was nervous about how your plugin would handle variable items and the different languages, but it works perfectly now. Items can be transferred without any problems after creation and the desired changes are synchronized.

So I just wanted to say thank you for a great product that has solved many of my problems. Well worth the money

– Shop owner, Denmark


Awesome! Thanks for the speedy support, you rock!
– Customer, Canada

Thanks for the support, and please, keep up the good work because your plugin is the most amazing thing ever for woocommerce.
– Walter, Italy

Wow! I wasn’t expecting a solution for that tbh. That’s great. I have been hugely impressed by the plugin so far. Plugin works very well (we use it for merging order data to send via one combined API feed). Support has been top notch too.
– Jay, UK

You guys are super cool! 😄
– Harry, USA