== Changelog WooMultistore ==

== Changelog ==

= Release 4.4.8 =
Released: 2021-10-04
* Feature: Added support for PHP 8.0
* Feature: Show warning if export order items selected without any order item
* Bugfix: Fixed order export to auto select order items if any order item was selected
* Bugfix: Fixed Chinese text not showing on export order of children (only showing escaped characters)
* Bugfix: Fixed export order date of child websites

= Release 4.4.7 =
Released: 2021-09-15
* Bugfix: Fixed order duplication when woocommerce_create_order hook was used by third parties
* Bugfix: Fixed order import not importing custom taxes with the same name properly
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Fixed Publish to setting not working correctly
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Fixed metadata not saving serialized arrays
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Fixed image meta not being sent to child sites
* Bugfix: (Multisite) Fixed import_key warning

= Release 4.4.6 =
Released: 2021-09-06
* Bugfix: (Multisite) Fixed custom taxonomy terms not updating parent term and not assigning new terms when using wp all import scheduler
* Bugfix: Fixed order import not importing custom fees and coupons when order was updated through the dashboard

= Release 4.4.5 =
Released: 2021-08-24
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Fixed variations not updating sale price, weight, height, length when value was empty
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Fixed simple product, variable product not updating weight, height, length when value was empty
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Fixed external product not updating product url, button text when value was empty
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Fixed memory usage on network orders page
* Feature: (Multisite) Added filter to remove bulk editor

= Release 4.4.4 =
Released: 2021-08-15
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Fixed duplicate sku error. Will log the sku and id instead
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Fixed pagination for network orders page
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Added support for wpml variations
* Bugfix: (Multisite) Fixed network products search results when searching by sku
* Bugfix: Fixed Import order duplicate sku. Will log the sku and id instead

= Release 4.4.3 =
Released: 2021-06-22
* Bugfix: Fixed network orders page displaying wrong post types
* Bugfix: Fixed shipping, taxes, and fees when a refund was done through the network orders page
* Bugfix: (Multisite) Fixed refund not restocking when the refund was done through network orders page
* Bugfix: Fixed order status sync when import order is active and a refund was done through network orders page

= Release 4.4.2 =
Released: 2021-06-16
* Bugfix: Fixed stock sync for single site
* Bugfix: Fixed stock sync when order import is active
* Bugfix: Fixed coupon duplication when coupon sync and order import is active

= Release 4.4.1 =
Released: 2021-06-13
* Feature: Added support for custom order status
* Feature: Imported order’s status will sync automatically to original order
* Feature: Refund order from the network order interface

= Release 4.4.0 =
Released: 2021-05-31
* Feature: Order import option (allows orders from all sites to be auto-imported to a main site)
* Feature: Show a message when there is no taxonomy defined
* Feature: On the child site page, show when a site is not being able to connect with the master
* Bugfix: Fixed stock sync single site variations

= Release 4.3.3 =
Released: 2021-04-29
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Fixed not being able to disable stock sync

= Release 4.3.2 =
Released: 2021-04-26
* Bugfix: (Multisite) Variable product with sku causing fatal error on update/publish

= Release 4.3.1 =
Released: 2021-04-21
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Sync by sku setting not saving correctly

= Release 4.3.0 =
Released: 2021-04-19
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Use product settings option unmarking synced products
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Sub-category with the same name not being synchronized
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Export function not exporting all products
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Export function not exporting metadata
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Price not syncing when empty
* Feature: Sync by SKU
* Feature: Synchronize new products with all child sites by default

= Release 4.2.0 =
Released: 2021-03-23
* Feature: (Single Site) Filter to schedule delete
* Feature: (Single Site) Option to enable/disable allow backorder sync
* Feature: (Multisite) Options to enable/disable featured status sync
* Feature: Option to run sync in the background (via Action Scheduler)
* Feature: Option to enable/disable AJAX sync
* Feature: Options to reset all data
* Feature: Support added for PPOM Pro plugin
* Feature: Support added for Polylang
* Feature: Support added for Innozilla Per Product Shipping WooCommerce (Pro)
* Feature: Filter added to disable 3rd party integration
* Feature: (Single Site) Filter added to enable/disable synchronization of default variation
* Feature: Options to enable/disable catalogue visibility
* Feature: Added filter WOO_MSTORE_SYNC/sync_child/sync_attachment_meta_data to enable/disable synchronization of image metadata
* Bugfix: (Multisite) Sync fails for SKUs with leading zero
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Setup Wizard throwing fatal error when the error message received is not a WP error object
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Metadata for external product type not being synced
* Bugfix: Auto-suggest addon shows warning to non-admin
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Fatal error on network orders page when order is refunded when using sequential order option
* Bugfix: (Multisite) Fixed bulk sync and quick sync bug in the network admin panel
* Bugfix: Products not being synced when updated by non-admin users
* Bugfix: (Multisite) Network products and Network orders menu not visible in WooCommerce 5.1.0

= Release 4.1.5 =
Released: 2020-11-02
* Feature: Basic support for Elementor and Elementor Pro
* Feature: Automatically suggest to install or update addons
* Feature: (Multisite) Sync custom taxonomy and custom metadata
* Feature: (Multisite) Options added to allow users to enable/disable the synchronization of shipping class
* Feature: (Single Site) Separate options to enable/disable the synchronization of sale price and regular price
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Stock sync for guest orders
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Show shipping method on the network order page
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Product stock expiration not working for child products
* Bugfix: (Multisite) Shipping class not being synced for variations
* Support: Support added for Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce
* Support: Support added for WPC Countdown Timer
* Developer: (Single Site) Added filter to individually control price sync
* Developer: (Single Site) Added filter to enable/disable variation image sync
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter to control synchronization of every metadata and product attributes
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter & options to enable/disable stock sync for a particular site
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter to enable/disable image data sync
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter to enable/disable stock status
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter to enable/disable stock quantity
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter to enable/disable backorders
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter to enable/disable low stock status
* Developer: (Multisite) Filter to enable/disable legacy get_slave_product_id

= Release 4.1.4 =
Released: 2020-09-11
* Change: (Single Site) Synced product will inherit created date and updated date from the parent
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Network interface not showing orders from the main site
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Various minor bugfixes and performance improvements

= Release 4.1.3 =
Released: 2020-09-07
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Number of reviews being copied over when review sync is disabled
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Random product syncing to stores that are not selected
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Do not fire sync for products created on the child sites
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Prevent sync loops
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Various fixes and performance improvements
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter added to show only orders with synced products
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter added to only export orders for synced products

= Release 4.1.2 =
Released: 2020-08-12
* Feature: (Single Site) Filter order by site
* Feature: (Single Site) Cancel order from the network admin panel
* Feature: (Single Site) Products will always remain in sync regardless of update method (only changes from master to the child sites)
* Feature: (Multisite) Export site title
* Feature: (Single Site) Order Export order items are no longer a JSON string
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Remove a deactivated site
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Sometimes network orders are empty when viewing all orders
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Duplicate SKU warning when products are updated on the child
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Stock sync failing for variable product when set on each individual product
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Product unlinks/sync disabled when order is canceled
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Several minor stock sync bugfixes
* Change: (Multisite) Menu renamed from WooCommerce to Multistore
* Change: (Multisite) Renamed settings Display all user info at all stores to Show customers orders from all stores in My Account for clarity
* Change: (Single Site) If child product type is different from the master product type, the child product type will be changed
* Developer: (Single Site) URL validation on the site add screen
* Developer: (Single Site) Run custom meta keys through sanitize_key() to remove unwanted characters
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter added to add custom bulk action
* Developer: (Single Site) Action hook added to handle custom bulk action
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter added to enable/disable AJAX sync
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter added to enable/disable quick sync
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter added to enable/disable real-time sync (syncs product when users are not on edit screen)
* Developer: (Single Site) Filter to force enable logging of the plugin activity
* Developer: (Multisite) Action hook added to handle custom bulk action
* Integration: (Multisite) Support added for the plugin Product GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN) for WooCommerce

= Release 4.1.1 =
Released: 2020-06-22
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Fixes a sync bug that was happening after updating to 4.1.0

= Release 4.1.0 =
Released: 2020-06-20
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Hide the order export option from the child site
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Fixed custom attribute sync
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Network order search bug fixed
* Bugfix: (Single Site) WordPress 5.4.2 broke screen options settings
* Change: (Single Site) Rename settings menu on the child site to Settings (Main site)
* Feature: (Single Site) Disable a site to hide it from the sync options
* Feature: (Single Site) Enable/disable synchronization of shipping classes
* Feature: (Single Site) Added filter by order status and search function in the network orders page
* Feature: (Single Site) Added custom metadata sync option
* Feature: (Single Site) Added custom taxonomy sync option

= Release 4.0.0 =
Released: 2020-06-09
* Bugfix: Hide the list of sites on the bulk editor and the quick edit from users who don’t have permission
* Bugfix: When a product is duplicated, do not link it to the old child or master product
* Bugfix: When WooCommerce “Hide out of stock items from the catalog” is checked, products become out of stock upon update
* Bugfix: Minor bugfix on the settings page
* Bugfix: During stock sync, when stock becomes 0, the product is not being set as out of stock
* Feature: Deactivate license key from the plugin’s settings page
* Bugfix: Order tracking was not picking the order ID when sequential order ID is enabled (multisite)
* Bugfix: Sub-directory being removed from master URL
* Feature: (Multisite) Update stock when creating orders from backend
* Feature: (Multisite) Speed improvement on the order page when stock sync is enabled
* Feature: Automatic update of the plugin for child sites on a regular WordPress version
* Feature: Redesigned stock sync for multisite
* Feature: Speed improvement on products, network products page for multisite
* Bugfix: White screen on admin due to version check failing
* Feature: Version check to run once every 12 hours
* Feature: (Single Site Version) Remove license from the master site
* Support added for Price by User Role for WooCommerce Plugin (from Tyche Software)
* Bugfix: (Single Site Version) Resolved incompatibility with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
* Bugfix: (Single Site Version) No info text when clicking info icon on child site
* Feature: (Multisite) If attachment doesn’t exist on the child site, recreate it
* Feature: (Multisite) Sync stock across the network when an order is created manually from the backend
* Feature: (Multisite) Update a product across the network, when the product is updated via a 3rd-party bulk editor
* Bugfix: When WooCommerce is deactivated the plugin causes an error
* Feature: Added an API to sync products for the Multisite version
* Bugfix: Sequential order number being reset when settings being updated
* Feature: (Single Site Version) Enable or disable synchronization of product status in settings
* Bugfix: Grouped products from the child are not removed when they are removed from the master
* Feature: (Single Site) Filter by site on the master and the child sites
* Feature: (Single Site) Network orders are now sorted by the date
* Change: (Single Site) When syncing a product for the first time and status is set to No, set the status to draft
* Change: (Single Site) When syncing a product for the first time and product title and slug is set to No, sync those as they required to create a product, but do not sync other options
* Feature: Hook to mark a product for sync across stores
* Deprecated: (Single Site) Sync all metadata setting is now ignored. You can use our metadata hook to sync additional metadata.
* Feature: (Single Site) Filter added for both the parent site and the child site to add additional metadata to sync. See our API section on the website for the hooks.
* Feature: (Single Site) Hooks added on the network order page and also when fetching orders
* Bugfix: (Single Site) When a product is deleted from the database but the associated order status is updated, a critical error happens
* Feature: (Single Site) Manage all site settings/options from the master site
* Dev: (Single Site) Improved version checking
* Dev: (Single Site) Improved options management
* Dev: (Single Site) Hooks for options page
* Feature: (Single Site) Sync product order/sort order
* Feature: (Single Site) Enable or disable the synchronization of SKU in settings
* Feature: (Single Site) Enable or disable the synchronization of featured product status
* Feature: (Single Site) Order export feature added
* Bugfix: (Single Site) Sync stock correctly for variations when stock is being managed by the parent product
* Change: The plugin is now called WooMultistore

= Release 3.0.5 =
Released: 2020-02-28
* Feature: When a product is trashed from the main site, trash it from all child sites (if enabled in settings).
* Feature: When an order is created from the backend, update stock across the network* Bugfix: Stock does not sync correctly for variable products managing stock at variation level.
* Bugfix: Some WooCommerce add-on hiding plugin’s menu.
* Bugfix: Plugin settings resetting after an upgrade.
* Bugfix: Removing a site and then adding it again does not disconnect the products that have already been synced.
* Bugfix: Fix a rare json_encoding issue while connecting sites.
* Bugfix: When products are exported from a child store and then imported back into the master store to sync with the child stores, the products are not correctly linked due to having duplicate metadata.

= Release 3.0.4 =
Released: 2020-01-24
* Bugfix: tags from master not being synced, when tags with similar names exist in the child.
* Bugfix: categories from master not being synced, when categories with similar names exist in the child.
* Bugfix: variations do not sync when variations use different slugs on the child sites.
* Bugfix: stock sync failing when initiated by the child.
* Bugfix: option to select whether to sync metadata created by 3rd party plugins.
* Bugfix: when updating products using quick edit, products are not being marked for syncing correctly.
* Bugfix: correctly sync shipping class for product and variations.
* Bugfix: conflict with WooCommerce Admin.
* Feature: API added to check versions on child sites.
* Bugfix: some minor bug fixes.

= Release 3.0.3 =
Released: 2020-01-20
* Single Site: Redesigned Network Order Interface. Now all child orders can be managed from the master site.
* Bugfix: Price being synced despite being disabled.
* Bugfix: Some minor bug fixes.

= Release 3.0.2 =
Released: 2020-01-14
* Settings added to enable or disable the synchronization of product thumbnail.
* Settings added to enable or disable the synchronization of product images.
* Bugfix: Not reading authentication headers correctly on servers behind a reverse proxy.
* Bugfix: Product synchronization failing on Nginx servers.
* Bugfix: Hide a minor PHP e-notice error on child sites.
* Bugfix: Subdirectory being removed from URL when WordPress is installed in a subdirectory.
* Bugfix: Some minor bug fixes.

= Release 3.0.1 =
Released: 2020-01-06
* Single Site: Correctly sync product type for all products.
* Single Site: Sync upsell and cross-sell products.
* Single Site: Sync grouped products.
* Single Site: Hide master site orders from the network orders tab as these orders can already be viewed from the orders tab.
* Single Site: Minor bug fixes.

= Release 3.0.0 =
Released: 2019-12-31
* Support for both stand-alone WordPress installs and WordPress multisite installs.

= Release 2.1.1 =
Released: 2019-09-03

* Added support for grouped product synchronization
* Added support for the synchronization of upsell and cross-sell products (Needs to be enabled in network admin settings panel)
* Show SKU in WooCommerce network product list
Sync Coupons across the network (Needs to be enabled in network admin settings panel)
* Support for a large number of stores. Now the plugin can be used to sync products across hundreds of sites without any server timeout issue.
* Shop name in bold in the bulk editor
* Append version number to asset URL to for cache busting purpose
* Bugfix: When sync in progress, opening another page on the site would corrupt sync
* Bugfix: Server timeout issue after products have synced
* Many small improvements

= Release 2.1.0 =
Released: 2019-08-01
* Improved Product synchronization process based on AJAX.
* Added a new hook that is fired after slave product has been updated.
* Fix. When deleting all parent tags at once, child tags are not being deleted.
* Fix. For showing deleted products as linked products in the network admin area.
* Replace all HTTP links with HTTPS links pointing to our documentation.
* Fix. For sync settings becoming unchecked when canceling a product.
* Search by WooCommerce order ID.
* Catch error when a master product has been deleted and the detached child product is being synced.
* Filter added to show parent product only on the bulk editor.
* Plugin communicates over HTTPS with the licensing server.

= Release 2.0.18 =
Released: 2019-05-31
* Added message when activating the license.
* Added product import error message.
* Added Warning when WooCommerce is not active.
* After the activation error message, redirect the user to the plugins list page.
* Added options to enable/disable product attributes sync.
* Added option to Enable/Disable Syncing of Advanced Purchase Notes.
* Added options to enable/disable URL (slug) sync.
* Added search by SKU on the Network Admin Product page.
* Added option to chose several specific stores to export in the order export page.
* Updated Error Message on Activation.
* Fix. Product tags Stop Syncing if it’s been deleted from the child store.
* Fix. Product Image Stop Syncing if it’s been deleted from the child store.
* Fix. Product categories Stop Syncing if it’s been deleted from the child store.
* Fix. Repair cache on the plugin update.
* Fix. Variable Product Not Syncing When Using Product Editor.
* Fix. Error While Trashing Products.
* Fix. Settings showing no stores, network product showing products or list of sites.
* Fix. Special characters bug when exporting orders from the order export page.

= Release 2.0.16 =
Released: 2019-05-08
* Fix. Removed duplicate drop-down menu in bulk edit.

= Release 2.0.15 =
Released: 2019-05-07
* Syncing attributes.
* Fix. Deactivating sync upon saving a product using Woocommerce’s functions.
* Fix. Redirecting to SSL by default without checking protocol.
* Fix. Running data updater before activating license causes access denied.
* Fix. Products lose sync when a new comment is created.
* Fix. Products lose sync when updating a product via the WooCommerce rest API.
* Fix. “Publish to” option gets unticked when a product is sold on the main website.

= Release 2.0.14 =
Released: 2019-04-14
* Disable deactivated sites from republishing/syncing.

= Release 2.0.13 =
Released: 2019-04-08
* Remove store ID when a store is deleted.

= Release 2.0.12 =
Released: 2019-04-01
* New option. Search the global order list.
* New global option – Republish tags – Yes or No.
* If web host collation issue, See the count of products on the network admin dashboard, but not the products. Fix.
* Support for PHP 7.3, Clean up the code.

= Release 2.0.11 =
Released: 2019-03-22
* New option. Select what columns to display in the global order list.
* New global option – Republish reviews – Yes or No.
* Display products on the network admin dashboard on servers with collation issues.

= Release 2.0.10 =
Released: 2019-03-04
* Fix. A product loses sync when an order is made under certain conditions on the parent product site.

= Release 2.0.9 =
Released: 2019-03-02
* Fix. Attribute not republished if deleted.

= Release 2.0.8 =
Released: 2019-02-28
* Added images to the plugins page.
* Fix. Customer account, viewing orders from all stores.

= Release 2.0.7 =
Released: 2019-02-05
* Order export to CSV/XLM improvement.
* New option. Option to not republish the product “short description”.
* Store tabs on the global plugin options page.
* Fix. Stock sync from child store when the setting is NO.
* Fix. Error when editing a product that is “previewed”.

= Release 2.0.6 =
Released: 2019-01-14
* Added plugin option. Child product inherits category image and description changes.
* Improved bulk distribution from the products quick edit, moved all bulk distribution to the quick edit page.
* Fix. Issues when republishing product in Pending status.
* Fix. Network products page. Products are removed only from the first blog.
* Fix. The quick edit only displays the categories for the parent product.
* Fix. Double entry of blog names in the network products page.
* Fix. No distribution when displaying a child store in the network products page.

= Release 2.0.5 =
Released: 2018-12-13
* Fix. Cant bulk distribute products from page 2 on the network products page.
* Added link to the network products page in the WordPress menu.
* Fix. A child product with variations doesn’t display when sort by price.

= Release 2.0.4 =
Released: 2018-11-28
* Fix. Unsync products on order status changes.

= Release 2.0.3 =
Released: 2018-11-15
* Fix. Possible to republish child products in quick edit bulk distribution.
* Fix. Event should be triggered only on product delete.
* Fix. Products are not displayed on the main network products page.
* Clear cache before product republishing.
* Product loses its metadata sync with the parent product
* Possible to make a child product a parent product when the parent product is deleted.

= Release 2.0.2 =
Released: 2018-11-02
* Fix. Stock not updated at other child sites

= Release 2.0.1 =
Released: 2018-10-31
* Fix. The plugin updater stops.
* Fix. Products for all stores are not displayed on the main products page.
* Fix. Bulk products distribution on Network Products page.

= Release 2.0 =
Released: 2018-10-29
* Major overall update, server usage optimization.
* Fix. Heavy load fix.

= Release 1.9.7 =
Released: 2018-06-30
* New option, option to not inherit variations
* Server resource usage improvement.
* Fix. Hebrew language in the order export file.
* Make it optional to display info from all stores in a user account.

= Release 1.9.6 =
Released: 2018-05-25
* Added plugin option to not sync product description across stores.
* Fix. Network Product page fields are not displayed when bulk edit.

= Release 1.9.5 =
Released: 2018-05-21
* Fix. Checkboxes should stay enabled in the Multistore tab

= Release 1.9.4 =
Released: 2018-05-18
* Display user info/orders from all stores in the user account regardless what store the user is logged in to.

= Release 1.9.3 =
Released: 2018-05-10
* Fix. Set get_site limit to 999.

= Release 1.9.2 =
Released: 2018-05-09
* Fix. Network order action buttons don’t work.

= Release 1.9.1 =
Released: 2018-04-13
* Remove the republishing of the number of reviews.
* Fix. Update “orders per page” number on the network orders page.
* Fix. Remove child product “Uncategorized” category on parent product is created or updated.

= Release 1.9.0 =
Released: 2018-03-12
* Add handling imports
* Style the network order view as the individual WooCommerce order screen
* Introduce Woo filters for product updates to catch changes that may be caused by other plugins or themes that modify products or stock levels.
* Refactor `WOO_MSTORE_functions::woocommerce_reduce_order_stock`, adding a helper function for re-usability of stock management.
* Fix – Show titles in the network admin product listing

= Release 1.8.8 =
Released: 2017-11-15
* JavaScript error fix: WooCommerce quick edit undefined

= Release 1.8.7 =
Released: 2017-06-19
* Fields control for categories

= Release 1.8.6 =
Released: 2017-06-16
* Use stripslashes for terms when compare with existing to avoid wrong comparison when include quotes

= Release 1.8.5 =
Released: 2017-06-15
* Add _price to meta fields ignore if “Child product inherit price changes” is set to No
* $ignore_meta_fields adjustments, ignoring for new products

= Release 1.8.4 =
Released: 2017-06-09
* Implement anonymous object filter replacement
* Fix – Child product inherit Parent changes – Fields control – Price fix

= Release 1.8.3 =
Released: 2017-06-01
* Use trailingslashit for term names when compare and create to avoid chars strip out

= Release 1.8.2 =
Released: 2017-05-29
* Set the latest version to plugin option to ensure the latest tag is being used along the code
* Fix: Setup Wizard notices
* Fix: Setup Wizard processing complete JavaScript engine

= Release 1.8.1 =
Released: 2017-05-24
* Fix: Child product inherit Parent changes – Price ignore

= Release 1.8.0 =
Released: 2017-05-24
* Fix: Sequential order number listing

= Release 1.7.9 =
Released: 2017-05-19
* “Toggle all Sites” trigger for quick edit, bulk edit, bulk distribution

= Release 1.7.8 =
Released: 2017-05-18
* Remove check for plugin being active on a site since it’s network active now.
* Use include_once instead include to avoid a fatal error for classes already defined
* Check for $WOO_MSTORE class if already initialized

= Release 1.7.7 =
Released: 2017-05-06
* Replaced the WC()->plugin_url() with dynamic URL to ensure no fatal is being triggered when class not available.
* Fix: Using $this when not in object context when calling is_plugin_active()

= Release 1.7.6 =
Released: 2017-05-05
* Fix WOO_MSTORE_VERSION not being used the latest tag version

= Release 1.7.5 =
Released: 2017-05-02
* Required to be activated through network admin interface
* Ignore any site where WooCommerce is not active

= Release 1.7.3 =
Released: 2017-05-01
* Fix checkbox for trash

= Release 1.7.2 =
Released: 2017-04-13
* Improve bulk distribution functionality

= Release 1.7 =
Released: 2017-04-07
* WooCommerce 3.0 Compatibility
* Ensure attributes terms are not checked for parent_id since they are not hierarchical. This maintains compatibility with older data structures without break.
* Updated export engine for WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility
* Updated PHPExcel to 1.8.1

= Release 1.6.4 =
Released: 2017-03-17
* Fix: Network Products quick and bulk edit

= Release 1.6.3 =
Released: 2017-03-16
* Collation unify for tables when using Union
* Fix – Illegal mix of collations for operation ‘UNION’ for query

= Release 1.6.2 =
Released: 2017-03-08
* Network Products – sort by Date

= Release 1.6.1 =
Released: 2017-03-02
* Fix: Fixed Update Box notice keep showing after update complete.

= Release 1.6 =
Released: 2017-02-28
* Child product inherit title changes / Child product inherit price changes setting for each blog
* Allow meta fields ignore

= Release 1.5.9 =
Released: 2017-02-23
* Case insensitive comparison when check for existing term name
* Stock synchronize functionality when using in-line/AJAX Variation save
* Child product inherit Parent changes functionality when using in-line(AJAX) Variation update

= Release 1.5.7 =
Released: 2017-02-19
* Compare against _woonet_child_inherit_updates too for stock synchronization

= Release 1.5.5 =
Released: 2017-02-11
* Fix: Term re-name update on child product too

= Release 1.5.4 =
Released: 2017-02-08
* Fix : Undefined variable: _woonet_child_stock_synchronize
* Fix: save_post_product unused filter remove

= Release 1.5.3 =
Released: 2017-02-06
* Fix: Quick editing a product attribute:trigger a JavaScript error.

= Release 1.5.2 =
Released: 2017-02-06
* Fix – before_delete_post restore default blog_id before method exit
* Fix – delete child product variations

= Release 1.5.1 =
Released: 2017-02-04
* Fix variations synchronize
* Updater engine to run certain routines at specific code versions for updating data.

= Release 1.5 =
Released: 2017-01-18
* Fix: Term name comparison using (string) and trim to avoid issues when term names include empty spaces

= Release 1.4.9 =
Released: 2017-01-09
* fix – $columnshidden option set as default array if empty

= Release 1.4.8 =
Released: 2016-11-15
* UTF8 Encoding fix for Orders export

= Release 1.4.7 =
Released: 2016-11-14
* Taxonomies terms mapping array, switch to old format accessing instead direct (current)
* Orders Export functionality, in CSV and XLS
– Orders Export – Date Range
– Orders Export – Site Filtering
– Orders Export – Order Status

= Release 1.4.5 =
Released: 2016-11-03
* Stock network update when changing on child product and “Always maintain stock synchronization” setting set to Yes.

= Release 1.4.4 =
Released: 2016-10-25
* Fix – Category structure migration to child product

= Release 1.4.3 =
Released: 2016-10-04
* Fix: Large taxonomy terms hierarchy replicate for child products.

= Release 1.4.2 =
Released: 2016-08-25
* Create Image Mapping when publish to other blogs to prevent re-processing on product update.
* New setting – Minimum user role to allow MultiStore Publish.

= Release =
Released: 2016-08-18
* WordPress 4.6 compatibility updates Fix Notice: wp_get_sites is deprecated since version 4.6.0! Use get_sites() instead

= Release 1.3.9 =
Released: 2016-08-11
* Always maintain stock synchronization for re-published products.
* Update – Stock synchronization only triggers when WooCommerce Manage Stock option is available for the site where the main product is published.
* Stock synchronize for every child product Reference stock is parsed from main product.
* _woonet_title fix, heading are not being saved as custom fields.
* Hide MultiSite Publish To options when using Bulk edit and at least one product is a child of a tree.
* PO language file update Text change for the warning message.

= Release 1.3.8 =
Released: 2016-08-08
* Adding categories in network product listing.
* Add warning when unassign a product from the tree Unassigned product is reinstate if the site is being checked again on main product Unassigned product can be set a master product.

= Release 1.3.6 =
Released: 2016-07-26
* Fix for Database tables prefix replaced with base_prefix.

= Release 1.3.5 =
Released: 2016-07-18
* FIx: Sequential Order Number increase fix across the network.

= Release 1.3.5 =
Released: 2016-07-01
* Update Short Description and Comment Status for all child products witch inherit the master product changes.

= Release 1.3.3 =
Released: 2016-06-07
* Plugin option for Maintain stock synchronization for re-published products, when checkout.
* Fix: metadata to be saved and include empty (zero) value.

= Release 1.3.1 =
Released: 2016-05-30
* Sequential order numbers.
* Code and DB Updater Engine.
* Add settings infrastructure; sequential Order Numbers.

= Release 1.2.6 =
Released: 2016-04-07
* Add bulk editor and inline editor within superadmin WooCommerce Products interface.

= Release 1.2.5 =
Released: 2016-04-01
* Add Multisite Options within Quick Edit.

= Release 1.2.4 =
Released: 2016-02-19
* Updated translation po file.
* Network Orders admin icons link fix (mark completed, mark processing).
* On Admin Main Product – Toggle all Sites.
* Fix: Products duplicated item within the dashboard menu.

= Release 1.1.9 =
Released: 2016-02-13
* Global setting within a main product to allow all child to inherit updates or not _woonet_child_products_inherit_updates Post status change also modify the childs if update inherits Post trash / untrash if update inherit.

= Release 1.1.8 =
Released: 2016-02-11
* wp_get_sites limit increase to 999 sites.

= Release 1.1.7 =
Released: 2016-01-25
* Fix: The title and description of products in child stores are not updated even if the checkbox is checked in the children store.

= Release 1.1.6 =
Released: 2016-01-20
* Update wizard to add required meta for products, to match the required format.